Are there Event Data Recorders on 2009 Acura RL's

Mine failed at 2mph. Honda/Acura found no manufacturing defects and does not share any additional info after inspection.

I am completely baffled and bewildered by this post. It there a question here?

If I recall correctly, Honda didn’t have EDRs in their cars then. I’m not even certain they have them now.

The question: Is there a way of finding out if an EDR exists in my RL? Honda examined the car found nothing wrong and won’t divulge their protocol or say anything else. There’s a lot of information in EDR’s and I want to know what they uncovered.

Exactly what failed at 2 mph?

Creeping into a parking space the brake was on and the car wouldn’t stop. Hit a concrete wall. $1800 damage.

I’d be surprised if there was an EDR on this car.
Have you reported this to NHTSA?
Have you looked for relevant TSBs?

Not to NHTSA never thought of it
Nothing relevant TSB

Did the brake pedal go to the floor, feel normal or was it very hard to press down? Most cars that have a EDR only record events leading up to activation of the airbags. Did the airbags activate?

The closest thing to that is freeze frame data, which is stored at the time a trouble code is set. There are aftermarket EDRs you can buy that plug into your OBD port that are marketed primarily to parents of teenage drivers. As to what happened to your car, a report to the NHTSA is your best bet.

On a different note, how on earth did hitting a concrete wall at 2 mph cause $1,800 worth of damage??? Did you grind into it parallel with your fender or something? Hitting a wall perpendicular at such a low speed should cause little to no damage.

It’s an Acura, and he got a quote from the dealer, who is going to replace the entire bumper assembly.

I got a quote to replace a bumper on a CRX about 10 years ago, and it was a grand, from an independent shop. That was a much smaller bumper, too. I got the bumper for $200 and did it myself in less than an hour.

Um… your WHAT failed at 2MPH? The data recorder? The whole car? Your will to live? Something else?

“Um… your WHAT failed at 2MPH?”

After several hours and three questions, the OP finally revealed the crux of the problem–alleged brake failure. This thread could be the poster child for how NOT to ask a question.

Just tow your car to another mechanic for a second opinion. You don’t have to take it to a dealership service department.

I was hard on the brake pedal all the way to the floor. BTW floor mats were anchored, etc. What I’m learning from this is telling people the brakes failed (and there’s zero chance I accidentally hit the gas) is the same as mentioning I’ve been visited by folks from outer space. What’s surprising is the mystery surrounding the EDR. It would seem that someone with computer skills could determine its presence (on any brand) if there. Also Honda’s secrecy on what they found when the car was inspected seems draconian at best. The $1800 repair cost from an independent body shop included hidden damage that required a new air box, also a new fog light, etc. Trading it in is the most likely scenario. If I do that I’ll tell the dealer the story and expect them not to believe me. The car’s got 34K on it and it seems there’s a wide open window of safe driving except I know there’s something wrong. Thanks for all the comments, I’ll figure something out.

You’ve been told several times that there isn’t a known EDR on your vehicle.

As to the secrecy, we’d need more details to render judgment. How do you know that they found something they are hiding from you?

If you need a new air box, you were going a lot faster than 2mph when you hit the wall.

I’ll have to echo Shadow on this one.
What makes you suspect that they’re hiding something from you?
$1800 damage sounds like a bit more than 2mph.

But I’m not questioning that your brakes malfunctioned. How did the brake pedal feel when you braked? Hard? soft? Did it sink to the floor?

Do you have ABS? Were you using the brakes a lot just prior to the incident? Had you hit the brakes multiple times just before the incident?

Were any defects found in the brakes. You said they found no manufacturing defects, but what about normal wear and tear defects?

Did the airbags deploy?