Acura Legend Coupe Computer/Cruise

I have several assorted cars and do most of the work on everything I can. However, I’m not sure how to best resolve this one. I’ve owned this '87 L model with 5 spd since new (preordered 6 months prior to avialbility. I’ve maintianed it meticulously and it still looks new and runs perfectly at ~ 120 kmi. One thing I have yet to resolve is the on board computer. More times than not, two functions don’t work… Current MPG and (elctronic) trip distance… which causes other parameters to give BooOOOoooooOOOGusss data such as Ave MPGs and Distance to Empty etc. I’ve narrowed it down to the unit loosing speed data as anytime the speed( traveling distance over time) data is dead, cruise does not work. On a given tank of gas it may operate from 0 - 30 % of the time. In my 38 mile commute to work it may operate (in and out a - in for few tenths of a mile or say 20 miles) several times or not at all. Since it occasionally works, I’m suspecting a connection etc (vs a component) asociated with the speed sensor or amplifier at the speedometer becasue I never lose the speedometer or mechanical odometer functions. WHenit first occurred many years ago teh dealer wanted a ton of money to just change out al theeltronics. SInce it’s not entirely dead I wasn’t going to go that route. And obviouly it does not alter the cars abity to run propertly. I’d just like to get the affected data and cruise working again. Anyone else had this occur and get it resolcve w/o full blown replacement. A new data point is over the last year which may or may not be related/connected. I sometimes get the check oil level on the computer though the level is in fact proper. Perhaps a bad geround soemwhere but ow to I find it?