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Car Speed recorded on the car's computer?

Does the car’s computer record the speed of the car if it is in a car accident? I have a 2002 Honda CRV EX.

Also, the other car was a 1999 Honda Accord? Would that have a computer in it that would record the speed he was going when he hit me?


I don’t believe those cars are new enough to have this capability.

My 07 Pontiac’s owners manual mentions that my car has one. Maybe check your owners manual. You could also try a Honda form.

I don’t know for sure if these cars have the capability or not. It may be possible.
About 3 or 4 years ago there was a wreck here in OK in which some high school students at lunch were traveling on a county road (45 MPH limit) and ran up on a turning oil tanker. They swerved, left the roadway, and plowed into a tree.
Several were injured and one was killed.

News stories rehashed this for months and months. After about a year it was reported that the computer showed the vehicle left the roadway at 98 MPH and that put a different light on what happened.
The vehicle in this case was an '02 Ford Explorer I think. (memory is fuzzy)

I’m not saying this is applicable to all cars but this vehicle was a few years old at time of the accident and it was equipped to log this data in.
You might try contacting your insurance agent. One would think the insurance companies would really be in the know on this since it’s very crucial as to whether they’re on the hook or not.

From what I understand they usually only retrieve that data in the case of criminal investigations, mostly because most states have been treating the data as private information so the police are required to get a warrant to retrieve it. You may be able to get the data off of your own car if you think it will bolster your case, but in a simple civil court there’s no way to make the other person to hand over the data.

Also, since you don’t mention how serious the accident was, keep in mind that it only records the information after the airbags deploy and I believe it will erase it if you drive the car subsequent to the collision. Definitely not something that’s applicable to even a more spectacular fender-bender.

Oh, and obviously the above would only apply if your car does in fact have this capability.

Not a seperate computer but in the SRS moudule.Now what makes,models years,and how to get it out and read it Big Brother knows.Ask your ins. agent,they like this data.

When I was a teenager, my Dad always knew when I drove the car harder than it should have been driven. This was in the 1950’s and the computers that existed took up a whole room. He didn’t need a computer to figure out what I was doing. I finally figured out his secret–he would let the car cool off after I came home and would then check the coolant level in the radiator. If it was down, he figured that I had done some hard driving. We didn’t have coolant recovery tanks back in those days, so when the coolant expanded, it went out an overflow tube on the radiator. A little bit of knowledge and the ability to reason can beat a computer any day.

The recording capability was started by some manufacturers, mainly American manufacturers, as a study into vehicle safety. They tried to keep it secret but eventually it got out. Apparently, not all vehicles had this capability, only about 1 in 5. I’m pretty sure if you have a vehicle that came with onstar, you have it.