Mileage verification


My girlfriend drives a 2002 Honda Civic EX which I often get asked to work on. Apparently the speedometer retired within the first year and although the car looks good from the outside I’m wondering if the wheels will soon fall off…? The speedometer doesn’t seem to bother her as she never looked at it anyway…! Is there some NSA or CIA device on these cars that can reveal it’s true mileage ?, i.e. computer or spy camera?

My brother is a state trooper and they check vehicles all the time after accidents. The onboard computer can tell them at what time the accident occured, how fast the vehicle was going and other factors. I’m sure they also have odometer information. I called him and he did not want to talk about it so I’m guessing this is not for public use at this time. Anyone else out there with some further info about this?

I don’t believe long term data s stored…start with this web site …

Thanks mshugna. I just called an old friend of mine who is a retired state trooper and my police chief. He said it’s possible to get odometer info but it’s stricly a vehicle by vehicle basis. Seems there is no standard yet for this device other than for investigating accidents.

If the car still has a mechanical odometer (many still do) and it’s broken, then there is no stored record. Be thankful you do not live in an “inspection” state. The car would be flagged for mileage tampering and failed because the speedometer does not work…

Didn’t you realize the safety and well-being of your fellow citizens has been put in jeopardy???

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There is no such device on a 2002 Civic EX. Nice vehicle, my daughter had one, but no event recorder.

As long she has it checked over yearly by a mechanic and maintains it’ll remain mechanically safe. The bigger concern is if she’s cruising in an unfamiliar area with no idea how fast she’s going and comes upon a sudden unexoected curve that would have been safe if she’d been respecting the posted speed limit…

In short, the speedo shoudl be fixed for safety reasons. It may turn out to be just the the vehicle speed sensor (VSS).