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2009 Acura MDX disaster

Bought a 2009 Acura MDA and had it less than 2 days and the torch converter and transmission caught fire we were going about 65 mph when this happen everything fell out of the bottom of the car

Well, that’s certainly the most accurate typo I’ve seen in a while.


Unfortunately, Honda’s transmissions from that era (and, after all, your Acura is really just a fancy Honda) have a very poor reliability record. Unless the seller gave you a generous warranty, this problem will be yours to resolve. Sorry for the bad news. :roll_eyes:

I strongly suggest that you have it towed to a well-reputed INDEPENDENT transmission shop, and not to a chain run joint like Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or–God forbid–AAMCO.

And, for future reference, you should always have your mechanic inspect an old vehicle before you purchase it. A good mechanic might have been able to spot an incipient problem before you purchased the vehicle.

Torch converter - probably the most accurate vehicle part name ever.


That is so sad, sorry for your troubles, Maybe there is a 3 day return policy!

Please explain what fell out of the bottom of the car.

The upside, in about 40 years this will be a really funny story you’ll have to tell. For now however, scary and frustrating. And expensive. Sorry that had to happen. I expect installing a used junkyard transmission will be the best solution. Going forward the common advice here when purchasing a used car is (1) check what Consumer Reports Used Car Guide has to say about the make/model/year, and (2) to always have your own shop do a pre-purchase inspection before writing any checks. The latter costs around $100 and imo is money well spent.

I’d guess the transmission cooling line to the radiator let loose and sprayed transmission fluid onto something very hot.

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I would only add that since it was a fire, your insurance might be able to help.

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Isn’t that what torch convertors are supposed to do? Spontaneously erupt into flames? Seems its working just fine.

Apologies… I’m predisposed to pick low hanging fruit. One eyebrow and such…

Sorry you are experiencing this…not fun.

Maybe some pieces or fluid fell out but not “everything” fell out. As for the fire I would assume without seeing it that the transmission had a major leak and the fluid caught on fire from catalytic converter heat.

Wasn’t there someone on this forum not too long ago who stated that the entire transmission fell out of their Caravan onto the highway? Maybe twice this happened? Seems a bit much to me…

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