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Orange cable sticking out from under car?

Hey I have a 2004 Honda Civic and I noticed that there was an orange cable looking thing under the front of my car… I’m pretty sure it happened today, anyone know what it is and if I should get it checked and the price to fix it?


You will need to follow the thing to its source, then report back. If you open the hood can you see more?

Looks like you picked up some trash, possibly a fiberglass rod for a flag.

I am not able to open the hood using my lever from underneath the dashboard anymore for some reason…

That’s a problem beyond this immediate question.

Any good body shop can solve this problem. How else are you going to check engine fluids?

How are you going to CHANGE the engine fluids??

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Hopefully it’s not the tip of the cane for that blind pedestrian that was crossing the street in front of you. :wink: