Cell phone stuck in wheel casing (under dash, behind stereo), please, please help

I had to break suddenly last night, and my phone (attached to the AUX cable at the time) bounced up under the wheel, gaining access by the accelerator and break pedals. I can hear it vibrate, but cannot feel the vibrations or touch the phone by reaching up under there - and I am worried I will disconnect the wires if I continue to rummage.

I removed the base of the steering wheel column, but it did not help me find my phone, I guess it is wedged too far into the workings of my car
Jeep Compass 2007

I have two questions

  1. does anyone have any idea if I could remove the plastic facing by the windshield without dismantling the car (I can’t tell from the manual)

  2. is it safe to drive with my phone in this position? I’m worried it might disconnect the break fluid or something as I try to drive it to the mechanic

Please, I would really appreciate any help, I am at my wits end, and not sure what to do

Get a flashlight and look up in there. Have someone call the phone so that it lights up and rings. If it’s still attached to the cable, you can just trace the cable to see where it is. As long as you’re gentle, you shouldn’t unplug anything that’s under there, and if you do, it’ll be pretty obvious where it goes, so you can plug it back in.

Unfortunately the only way to work on this is to lie on your back upside down with your feet over the seat. After you get in position with a flashlight, it should be easy.

If there is a plastic cover under the dash near the pedals, this panel is typically easy to drop, as it should only have a few screws holding it up. Some cars just have friction clips, and a good tug drops it. The phone should be resting just on the insulation on top of that panel. Otherwise, crawling under the dash on your back, as mentioned above, is all you can do. Disassembly of the dash should not be needed.