Any geniuses here making Face Masks, Face Shields, PPE?

Have you employed auto parts to make face shields, respirators and other PPE equipment for healthcare workers, and/or your friends and family? If so, would you please share your designs? Let’s show these seamstresses who the real geniuses in society are!

It’s hard to drive if you’re dead…

There is a place near us making clear masks with n95 replaceable filters on the sides. I emailed about cost, but no info yet. No glasses fogging, deaf can read lips, and replaceable n95 filters I want 2! Wife is upset I only have 1 Israeli gas mask, I bought it as they were about to be banned for sale in US

you mean like this:


My wife has made some. I said that looks like the shirt I used for painting? Yup, it was-it’s now masks. I’ve just gotten a couple at Menards for a dollar a piece. Now when this first started there was a customer at ACE that had a paint respirator on and goggles. They are great for spraying urethane but I don’t think they are any good at the virus. At least though you can seal your mouth and nose with one and a lot easier to breath-comfortable like a gas mask. Wife just got a box of them from Costco though. Maybe NAPA has some yellow and blue ones or something or I’m sure John Deere has some green and yellow ones for the rural guys. Create your own design. Art can be fun.

The supply has been… spotty… but Costco does have disposable masks on an occasional basis.

Last week, my supermarket was selling packages of Hanes brand cloth masks (10 for… I think… $17.99), and they seem to be of good quality. They are machine washable and machine dryable, and they have come through their initial washing & drying process without any shrinkage or damage.

I noticed that Harbor Freight is selling the disposable masks but given their past record I’m conflicted.

Is it their usual “good for occasional use” or like a cheap oil filter or their recent jack stand recall, “might fail and kill you”?

clean glasses in the morning with shaving cream, rinse (not wipe) and gently tab dry with toilet paper, or air dry and it will last all day… no fogging.

I prefer this style…

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I got free masks from the state and my Medicare Advantage provider. They chafed my skin, made my cheeks swell up, blocked my vision. I bought a piece of felt from the crafts section at the Mart of Wal (28¢), put it inside my folded bandana: 1 layer of thick felt, 2 of woven cotton: should do a decent job.

Someone tested using a round scrap of panty hose around the face, bandit-style, to hold a regular mask, getting a much better seal. If I knew a woman well enough to ask for a discarded panty hose I would.

I buy mine at costco wholesale.100 disposable masks for $25cdn

Ah ha ha. Always a hoot. The thing is no one is going anywhere so they are only wearing scrubs, etc. No panty hose. Just use a new pair. You can order it on line and nobody will know.

I was thinking a Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) military protective mask would be effective. With the current civil unrest problems I was sure they would now be illegal for civilian possession or use.