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If you change your own oil

… Costco has a really good price reduction on their full-synthetic, Dexos-spec motor oil from 1/23/21-1/31/21. $21.99 for two 5 qt jugs.

Apparently, only 0w-20 and 5w-30 are available, but if your vehicle uses either of those viscosities, this might be a good time to visit Costco.



If I was a member of Costco I’d be driving there now. But I don’t have a Costco near enough to me. I do have a BJ’s very close. They do have decent prices on Mobil-1.

Dang, WM syn is $14

For what quantity?

Walmart has a 5 qt bottle of Super Tech 0W20 full synthetic for $14.64 each.

Well, I am certainly not a mathematician, but my calculator (from Walmart :wink:) seems to indicate that Costco has a significant price advantage over Wally World for the next week.


The Costco price is even better than my local Rural King farm store. Harvest King full synthetic is priced at $2.79 a quart and is available in 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30.
Unfortunately, with my health condition, Geezeritis, the main symptom being laziness, I don’t do oil changes any more.

Everything in WM is made in China. Oil too.
Some WM stores are really sketchy, for clientele.
Present company included
Costco seems less sketchy.

… by a very wide margin…

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Uh, nope. China exports about zero oil.


Thank you.
I was having a hard time with that claim about “Chinese oil”.

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I frequently buy car chemicals, such as oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake cleaner, carburetor/intake cleaner, etc. at Walmart, and can vouch for the fact that their Super Tech brand products are U.S. made. They are at least as good quality as the store brands at places like AutoZone and O’Reilly for a much lower price.


I wonder if China has facilities that synthesize oil though?

I don’t think so, not in large volume for export. It’s expensive to do. Are you talking about synthetic oil like Mobil1? I’m pretty sure it’s made here.

I noticed the farm store has Mobil 1 on sale this week for $25 for a 5 qt jug. I’m full up though with little driving and the normal price is under $30 anyway.

HUH? Try again. Mobil does NOT make any oil in China. I agree that a lot of stuff sold at WalMart is made in China…to say that everything is - is just plain BULL.


I have geezeritus too, probably more advanced than triedac, but I still change my own oil.

I usually buy oil from Walmart and have it shipped to my house free. My wife and I don’t buy enough at our age to justify paying for the privilege. Besides, the nearest Costco is 70 miles away unless you count the ones in Canada and we aren’t allowed to cross the border because of covid. Even if we could, The waiting to get across any of the bridges, the tolls and having to deal with the customs and immigration people make it not worthwhile for us. A far cry from 30 or more tears ago when we used to pop across the border for lunch, gas, or even just go for a ride.

I change my own oil for several reasons.

I am cheap.

It gives me an opportunity to inspect cv boots, pan gaskets,steering rack bellows etc.

I only have to do it once a year so I do it in August.

Every time I have someone else do it, they mess something up. They chew up the drain plug (with vise grips I suppose) ,over tighten or under tighten the drain plug, and oil filter break clips off the air filter housing or leave the housing disconnected when I refuse to replace a filter that doesn’t need it.

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I would hope these oil change issues have not happened at a factory dealership?

let me tell you about my Toyota dealership experience. When I bought my 2012 Camry I got two years of free required maintenance. Oil changes once a year and tire rotations every 5000 miles. They overtightened the lug nuts by a factor of at least 3. Every single time, even the time I went back because I was having trouble loosening them wit my large breaker bar with a long pipe over it. The service manager told me"they can’t be over tightening them because we have given them torque sticks to use." I said, they must be using them for paper weights.
At my first oil change they tried to sell me an air filter and a cabin filter for $60 each. The owners manual says the dealer is required to remove and clean the cabin filter at 15000 miles and reinstall it. I said, Toyota is paying you to remove and clean it, how do you haqve a $30 labor charge to me for throwing it away and putting a new one in. Besides it was not remotely dirty, I looked at it before I came and the air filter is supposed to get changer at 30000 milesw and I have 7000.

I tried a different dealer for my second, and last free oil change and I put in a new cabin and air filter before I went.
I told the service writer that I had just changed my cabin and air filter so I did not want them changed. When I got the invoice for the Free oil change the tech had written on the invoice, Cabin and Air filter filthy owner refused to change.
I went to the dealer manager and demanded that my cabin and air filter be inspected and I get a corrected invoice because this one would void my warranty. They did not bother to inspect my car, but called the tech in. He stammered a bit and claimed he must have mixed my car up with another one.

My car has not been to a dealership since and the only time it goes to a shot is for the yearly NY State inspection. The only thing the inspection station station has tried to sell me is a new battery. ^years ago, 5 years ago and 4 years ago. Then they gave up. I bought the car in 2011 and it still has the original battery.

Toyota builds great cars an puts very good batteries in them but I have no respect at all for their dealerships.

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When I can’t do car maintenance any more I’ll give up car ownership.
There’s car sharing, rental, Uber etc.