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Covid and cars

I have two. Calif dmv changed rules so i dont have to go there to renew dr licence, good. Bad is they still require tteadmill emissions test. Too dangerous imo. Bad and not happening corolla sidelined. Second is neighbors w teslas used to charge at work but now must drive to charging station nearly every day then they walk hom etc. Others?

I recently renewed my vehicle registration via my state’s website. My DL comes up for renewal in December, so I am hoping that the DL photo–which was taken in 2016–will also allow me to renew my DL via the website. If not, then I will just have to go to one of their lesser-utilized offices.

Your vehicle must be pretty old if they require a treadmill test. Vehicles with an OBD-2 system can almost always be tested by simply plugging into the OBD port.
My next inspection–via OBD–is due in September, 2021. Hopefully the COVID situation is under control by then.

Corolla obd i , truck is old enough no test reqd so truck now daily driver.

That’s fine unless you have to get your Real ID drivers license. I doubt that Cali will let you do that on line. Mrs JT has to get her Real ID this year, and must go into a DMV office to present the required two forms of ID. At least they allow her to slide on the renewal date. Her appointment is 3 weeks after her birthday in this last year her license is valid.

Essentially no changes at all. Registration renewal by mail, drivers license not due until 2022.

Traffic is lighter than normal but there are tons of out of state plates roaming around from NY, New Jersey, Illinois, and others. I guess they’d prefer Florida to their home states.

The Real ID deadline has been delayed to October 1, 2021, I’m pretty sure.

Stop being so secretive, George

You have a 1992 Corolla :smiley:

Earlier this year, I converted my commercial driver’s license into a real ID commercial driver’s license. the amount of paperwork involved was obscene. They signed off on everything, gave me a receipt and sent the real ID commercial driver’s license in the mail.

Everything was fine

or so I thought . . .

Several months later, I received an extremely nasty letter in the mail, which stated that I had ignored requests for additional proofs of residence.

It’s kind of hard to ignore a request if it’s never made . . .

I figured out a way to get past this hurdle online, but it made me a little upset, that they were blaming me for their own incompetence


With a 200 mile plus range they should be able to go 3 weeks between charges, must be a obsession to feel the need to plug in everyday.

Don’t they chock the wheels?

If you fear coming in contact with an infected person, wear a mask and gloves, stay back at least 10 feet so the inspector doesn’t step on your foot.

You should be well away from the inspector, anyways, covid-19 or not

He doesn’t need owners looking directly over his shoulder, while he inspects the car

Then again, some people like to chat . . . nothing wrong with that . . . but this literally isn’t the time to be up in somebody’s face. Too risky, as George said

Yeah I got my real ID license shortly before all this. I got it so I could fly without a hassle. It would have to be for some super spectacular reason before I would get on a plane now. I do need to get to the DMV sometime for a title update but every time I go by there people are lined up outside and don’t care to join them. So otherwise I don’t have to go there until March when my plates are due (do, dew).

Dad’s latest project involved hauling a half ton of gravel with his utility trailer similar to the Harbor Freight unit pictured, only with a home made cargo box. New tires were installed after almost 20yrs (The tire shop was shocked) But it’s more than worth the investment. $200 for the kit at the time ($350 or thereabouts now) Total weight was right at the 1,500lb tow rating for his CRV but it worked well.

They’ve otherwise driven about 1/3 of their normal miles at this point in the year. Other than home depot and grocery runs they’ve only been going on day trips in the last couple weeks.

Yeah, in addition to mask and gloves I would open all the windows for the drive home. Change clothes when you get home. We went through bad times here, settled down and now starting to creep back up as people relax and stop taking precautions. Let the car sit in the sun for two days afterward.

I junked a car a month ago. The scrap yard had me put the keys and signed title on pass seat, windows closed. Guy looks at title through window, verifies VIN on car and drags it up onto the flatbed. No strangers getting in cars if at all possible…

I’m seeing a lot of Texas plates here in Washington lately.

Her license expires in a month, and she needs a new one. It makes no sense to pay for a new driver’s license now, they pay for another Real ID license one year later. The license is valid for 5 to 7 years. The DMV takes customers only by appointment these days, and it won’t be crowded.

I got a Real ID license in 2017, then a year later I had to revalidate it. The Federal Government added identification requirements and I had to go back in and provide copies of my records for their records. I was not pleased.

Florida in August?

Yup, Florida in August.

Word is that people from up north who own homes in Florida would rather be in Florida than NY or Illinois because Florida is more or less open for business. I have snowbird friends that decided to stay in Florida over the summer for that reason.

You can always tell a New Yorker in the doctor’s offices or stores (but you can’t tell 'em much!)… 'cause they won’t wear masks, they won’t social distance and they are rude to the staff when they tell them to leave.

I don’t want to stereotype ALL New Yorkers, but this has happened enough, not to be an isolated incident.


We can always spot the Florida people in Vermont because they won’t wear a mask, social distance, or do anything to mitigate the spread of anything and all the while happy to tell you that’s how they feel. I’m not stereotyping it’s just how all Floridians are.


That’s because they have been exiled from NY, where that type of knucklehead behavior isn’t tolerated.


" And to semi-misquote Star Wars… “Mmmmhhh. That is why we fail”.

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