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Best oil filter wrench to get

There are alot of different ones out there, which one should I get? I have seen some like this that are supposed to fit certain “types” of filters, but how do you know if it will fit the one you use? It doesn’t seem to say. Do they make one that fits mobil 1 filters?

No more than they cost when you buy oil and filter just ask for the proper wrench at the same time. You will be able to see if it really fits and won’t have to do a mail order return.

I get my filters at walmart were they don’t sell oil filter wrenches and the workers at my local auto store are idiots and would tell me to buy the wrong wrench.

If you’re just worried about the oil filter for your vehicle, go to the parts store and ask for the oil filter for your vehicle.

Then ask for an oil filter wrench that fits that oil filter perfectly. Taking into account access to the oil filter.

The reason there are so many types of oil filter wrenches out there is, if you work on all kinds of vehicles where the oil filter requires removal, you better have an array of oil filter wrenches.


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Do they make one that fits mobil 1 filters?

Well, I certainly hope so.

Has anyone tried the 3 legged universal oil filter wrenches?

I got a 3 legged one from HF, it works but it’s awkward to use. Best to get one that fits over the end of the filter.

Ed B.

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+1 to @edb1961, I have the 3 legged one, used it a few times, but ended up getting the one that fits. Have not used the 3 legged one in years.

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Go to Pep Boys

Find your oil filter

Then walk over to the oil filter wrench section, and match the filter up with the tool

Walk up to the counter

Pay the man :



My 1978 Oldsmobile called for an AC PF 45.filter. The filter was.on the bottom of the 260 V8 engine. I bought a wrench that fit the AC.PF 45 filter on its end and attached my 3/8 socket ratchet. I once purchased the equivalent Fram filter. I was changing the oil and the filter wrench that fit the AC filter would not fit on the end of the Fram filter. After a couple of frustrating moments, I suddenly realized I had brought another filter wrench with me. I took off my belt and was able to wrap it around the end of the oil filter. Pulling the belt loosened the filter. From then on, I uses my universal filter wrench to change the filter on all oue vehicles.


Many of us have favorites. My absolute favorite is the below photo:

My second favorite is the next photo:

Both types close onto the outside of the filter housing as you turn the ratchet wrench.
As I suggested, others will have their own favorites.

NOTE: never tighten a filter with a wrench. A filter should be wrist tight only. I clean the mating surface on the engine, put some oil on the filter’s threads and gasket, and hand tighten it using a latex glove… I have arthritis in my hands and the extra grip from the latex really helps.

Then walk over to the oil filter wrench section, and match the filter up with the tool

Oh, for Pete’s sake, that makes way too much sense.


Just for the record, I’ve got perhaps 1/2 dozen “cap” type filter wrenches in my oil changing box, and I’ve yet to find one that worked well. Perhaps others here have had better luck.

Fortunately for me, I also have a few different sizes of the in the photos… as well a strap wrenches and various other types. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have 6-8 oil filter wrenches , similar to mt bike above. Which wrench is best depends not only on the oil filter shape itself, but a lot on the orientation of the oil filter in the engine compartment, and the particular clearance issues. There’s no universal best oil filter wrench. I use a different one for my truck than my Corolla, and I used a different one than those two for my prior car, a VW Rabbit.

I think you’ll have fewer clearance issues with the band-type that loops over the filter, rather than the cap-type. Still, sometimes the handle design on the band-types can cause clearance problems, so you have to experiment which handle style works best for your car. I have a chain type, where a length of bicycle-type chain wraps around the filter, with a short handle that works well in tight situations.

If all else fails you can usually remove an oil filter by poking a screwdriver clean through it. and twisting it out with the screwdriver. But that creates a bit of a mess.


I’ve tried several different filter wrenches on several different cars over the years with varied success.
I was having trouble finding one I really liked on my current Toyota, so I tried Triedaq’s belt idea; and it works great!
Thanks again @Triedaq!

@matt357 I’ve used the three legged style. It works well enough if the person who put the filter on didn’t tighten it too much. It’s also easier if the filter is one of those that has the “grippy” stuff on the end of the filter.

Be aware that if the filter is overly tight that the three legged style can crush the filter and make the job a lot harder. The cap style can be nice, if they fit properly. I have one that fits the OEM filter just fine, but is too loose on some of the aftermarket filters for the same car.

Some of the cavalier responses seem to be overlooking that problem. They do have one good idea though. If you can match the filter with the wrench and it fits, stick with that brand of filter if possible.

The old strap style is my favorite if you have clearance for it on your car. The problem seems to be that a lot of newer cars don’t have that much room around the filter anymore

@circuitsmith. Glad my method worked for you
In case I forget to put my belt back on after changing oil, I always put on Craftsman underwear before getting under the change oil. Then I look somewhat professional as I roll out from under the car.

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I like the ones that are like a cap, mostly because the first oil change on every car I get is very difficult due to the previous person tightening them down like a gorilla.

The cheapest way to have a good collection is to pick one of these at HF when you are buying your jack!

the one that workds

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Those don’t work with hondas a reviewer said. 64mm when it should be 65mm.