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Antifreeze leak

I own a 1999 ford explorer v-6 engine and recently I discovered a coolant leak dripping from where the transmission connects to the engine block. I have checked all the hoses coming from the radiator and the heater core with no leak detected. I believe that the leak is coming from somewhere behind the engine but I cannot find it.Do you have any clues as to where it could be comming from.Could it be a freeze plug that I cannot find.

To locate a coolant leak such as this requires some basic inspection tools. Such as a mechinic’s inspection mirror and a pen light. But it could be anything from an intake manifold gasket leak to a head gasket leak.


Could it also be a freeze plug. The leak starts out from somewhere behind the engine and drips down around the seal where the engine and transmission connect at the bottom and then burns off on the catalytic converter.The temperature guage does not get hot and stays constant(does not move),But after a couple of trips it does drain the radiator.The oil also is not like a milkshake.Other than this the engine runs fine.

That’s what the mirror and light will reveal.