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Leaking freeze plugs?

I have a 93 ford taurus 3.8L V6 automatic GL. How would I tell if my freeze plugs are leaking antifreeze? Are they easily accessible? I can here the antifreeze hitting the catalytic converter and making a sizzling sound. I can’t seem to see my freeze plugs from looking down on my engine. I have checked all my hoses and had my water pump replaced about three months ago. What is the best way to see if the leak is coming from one or more freeze plugs?


Only with a clean engine can you see where it’s coming from without u/v dye and lamp.

A spray engine degreaser and a hose off. Then with the engine clean, look right away to see if it’s hoses, freeze plugs, manifold gaskets etc.

Take you car to a repair shop and have them pressurize the cooling system and put the car up on a LIFT so ANY leaks can be located… The heater hoses are probably back there in the twilight zone too…