88 s10 coolant leak

Coming out the peice right behind the oil resevoir out a little hole whats this leak coming from any suggestions?

Not sure what you mean by the oil reservoir.

Where you let out the oil at underneath the truck the oil filter is right beside where its leaking at

Heres a pic

Try this. When you rub that green liquid between your fingers, does it feel oily, or mostly like the consistency of water? What does it smell like? Coolant or some type of oil?

It’s possible what you are seeing isn’t leaking there, but dripping down from above.

It’s also possible that is a freeze plug leaking too, hard to say from the photo. If it is just the freeze plug leaking, that will be inexpensive to fix. Freeze plugs are put in the engine coolant jacket so that if the anti-freeze ever freezes solid, it won’t destroy the engine, but simply pop the freeze plugs. Sometimes they’ll start leaking for no apparentl reason.

In any event, be sure to keep an eye on the coolant level and the dash coolant temp gauge until this is resolved.

In my opinion, it’s clearly coolant

This GM truck is old, so it always used universal green coolant, and that’s what I’m seeing in the picture

After you’re done with the oil and filter change, I suggest hosing the engine bay down, let the engine get back up to operating temperature.

Put the truck on jackstands. Let the engine idle. Roll under there on a creeper and use a flashlight and mirror, as needed, to find that coolant leak

it might very well be a freeze plug. It might be as simple as a water pump leak. We can’t say from here

It is coolant and it is dripping down from above…unless you recently drove through a big puddle of coolant.

As db4690 said clean everything up and search for the leak.