Very small transmission leak

here is the original post.


just looking for some ideas.

yeah i do not think it is from the plate because the drip is now in a different location, but close.

and definitely transmission fluid.

thanks for any input.

I may be wrong but my gut tells me there may be a seal leaking somewhere. Where though?

You mentioned in your last comments in your original posting that you found it only leaks when cold. Metal contracts when cold.

The cooling line fittings are not leaking?

Is the VSS (Vehicle speed sensor) outside the tranny? Can you feel any fluid around the upper portion of the tranny?

Do you (when you look with the flashlight) see any discolored streak(s) down the side of the tranny case?

cooling line fittings are ok.
VSS outside the tranny - heck i do not know :slight_smile:
in fact i tell ya, i cannot even see the tranny case.
seriously, that engine is packed.

i am seeing some transmission fluid on the driver side which may be coming from an engine gasket. the location is underneath the thermostat.

i guess it is possible it is blowing back to the passenger side where the drops are.

also i may be losing coolant again. i just checked it and it was low. i refilled and will see in a couple days. checked the transmission fluid and it looks okay. forgot to the check the oil.

probably time to take it to a shop. but i figured on giving transmission sealant fluid a try.

ok just checked the oil and it looks ok.

the engine gasket location i mentioned is underneath the intake air hose which is underneath the thermostat.

before i had replaced the radiatior i had used Bar’s sealant.
since the system has been flushed i maybe should do again?
also the guy at Napa had some blue liquid sealant(do not know the name) that he said everyone swore by.

well i already had gotten the Bar’s. also the directions called for removing the thermostat. well all the other products just have the engine idle long enough for the thermostat to open.
think i could do the same with this product?

thanks for the input.
my posts are not timely because i use the library for internet access.

Don’t worry about getting back immediately. The fact is you are, and that’s what matters.

quote: “the engine gasket location i mentioned is underneath the intake air hose which is underneath the thermostat” unquote.

If this cooling system has the Dexcool coolant in it, that would account for the ‘red transmission fluid’. Dexcool is actually an orange/red color.

Now that sentence of location tells me the leak is coolant and could be leaking either from the thermostat housing gasket or hose/ clamp OR you have an intake manifold coolant leak. (You say the reservoir coolant level has dropped)

My advice is to take the vehicle to an independent shop and have them do a coolant pressure test to determine the leak location.

IF this is a manifold gasket leak and although some is leaking to the outside, there is the possibility coolant may be starting to leak to the inside and will mix with the engine oil and you will have to replace the intake manifold gaskets.

A word of caution: If after tests have been done and prove beyond a doubt that the intake manifold gasket(s) are leaking, get it fixed immediately as severe internal (bearings,etc.) damage will result of neglect.

Personally, I have no faith in stuff like Bars-leak or any other.

Oh BTW, the IMG replacement is quite expensive so you may want to shop around for the best price. It’s a labor intensive job.

You can see the tranny case alright, from both the top and bottom.

When you open the hood look down and to the right. That’s the tranny.

The engine and trans are transverse mounted (sideways). At least I THINK it is in this vehicle.?! 1997 Buick Lesabre 3.1 V6

that location i mentioned seems to have dried up.
everything on the engine on the driver side is dry

and the drips have changed location. originally it looked like it was dripping off bolts to a plate which someone said sounded like gear inspection plate(in front of the tranny pan)

the drips now occur closer to the passenger side. there is a metal piece about 3 ft long which looks just like some kind of support underbody piece.
when i get under there i can see the starter and another cylindrical unit that i believe is connected to the ac system. they are dry.

it is coming from somewhere and only after the engine cools down.
which i figure as the metal contracts some seal is opening up.

my dexcool is orange - there is no reddish in it at all.
i checked the transmission dipstick and the color looks okay.
checked the oil and it looks okay but it may be higher than what i filled it.

i may have two problems: a coolant one and a transmission seal.

question is besides the radiator is there any place the coolant and transmission fluids can contaminate the other? i.e. if i am loosing coolant where the heck is it going?

manifold gasket - what do the manifolds do? coolant runs through them right?

yes engine is transverse 1997 Buick Skylark 3.1 V6

anyways yeah it is time to take it in for an electronic diagnostic.

has anyone ever heard of Bear’s Transmission/Engine?


just picked this up from wikki:

Besides the transmission pan gasket, there are other places the transmission could be leaking from: INPUT SHAFT: fluid would be coming out form the front of the tranny close to the engine. OUTPUT SHAFTS: fluid would be noticed directly below the driveshaft where it connects to the tranny or a rear-wheel-drive vehicle or the left and right axleshaft of front-wheel-drive vehicles. OTHER: tailhousing gasket, speedometer gear input seal, shifter housing seal/gasket, and any other mating surface which has a gasket or seal in it depending on particular vehicle.