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Where is antifreeze leaking from!?

Car is leaking antifreeze. I did check all visible hoses for punctures, etc.I also checked the radiator and it looks good. Leak is coming from side/back of engine … Can’t see where exactly its leaking from. Seems to be leaking from somewhere above the drips, and not at the drips themselves.

Check heater core & heater hose’s.

One place to check is the back of the intake manifold.



Didn’t these cars have plastic intake manifolds that cracked and leaked coolant?

If you check all those places and still can’t find it, go to the auto parts store and get yourself some UV coolant dye and a UV flash light. Shouldn’t cost you more than 20 bucks. Dump the dye in, run it for awhile, then turn all the lights off in your garage and poke around with the light until you see the glow.