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Freeze Plug (Land Rover Discovery 04)


How much should I expect to pay in order to replace a leaky Freeze Plug? I am told that the part itself is inexpensive but that it is quite difficult to get to it.

It is both odd and suspect that you have a leaky freeze plug at this stage in your vehicles life. In order to tell you how much labor I need to know the location of the plug , there are usually more than one.

Thank you for your response. I was told that it is located between the Engine Block and the Transmission.

Probably could not be in a worse place, I would get some kind of drawing of the engine block and verify that there is in fact a freeze plug here. On an American V-8 I would have no trouble believing there is a plug here but still I question why a leak with a car so new. I will ask if you ever did one coolant change but even if you did not (which is very,very bad) I still don’t say it is guaranteed that evey car that goes without a coolant exchange for 6 years will have freeze plug trouble, I just can’t make this claim.

So what are your symptons? fluid on the ground? I saw one misdagnosis of a "freeze cracked block"it turned out to be a freeze plug on the block area inside the timing cover (4cyl Datsun). Perhaps this is a freeze plug on the backside of one head and the coolant is just running that way. OK,you need to verify just where all the freeze pluga are. Just how much do you trust the mechanic involved in this job? could this be an honest mistake? Could there be a hose or pipe that is leaking in this area? With some BMW’s the inlet and outlets for the heater core would leak in this area, check this out good.Let us know what is happening.

Thank you so much for all of the information. As you can already tell, I do not know anything about engines. The Freeze Plug issue was what some folks at a Firestone tire store told me (after they ran a couple of tests). I had the Disco towed to a Service Center that specializes in Land Rovers. They just started to take a look at the engine this afternoon and they feel that the leak may be coming from around the internal manifold area. Is this common? (I have 113K miles on it)what are some common causes and how much should I expect to pay for that sort of work. Thank you in advance for your comments.

PS: Most of the coolant that goes into the expansion tank drips right out of the undercarriage (rapidly).

Meant to write “Intake manifold…”

Hopefully, by 2004, Rover was no longer using the old 1960’s Buick aluminum V8 engine they bought from GM…But if it is in fact this engine, then coolant leaks were very common…