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Anti-UV/Sunblock coating on glass of high end cars?

I am just wondering if anybody knows if glass installed on high-end cars (specifically Mercedes) have anti-UV or Sunblock coating. I rarely see Sunscreen shades that most econobox owners put on these high-end vehicles, hence the question.

If there is such coating, can econobox owner get a similar windshield/window glass? I take some medications that make me very sensitive to strong sun behind the glass, and I do not want to put sunscreen film on the glass (can’t put on a windshield, of course) due to being a police magnet.

If available, I plan to put on Forester.

Many/most states allow tint exceptions (but not for windshields, usually) through a prescription from a medical doctor. Some have to be submitted on a special form (from the state, often online available) or the form has to be filled in by the doctor.

One caveat, though, actually two, actually 3, no 4.

  1. Nighttime visibility will be reduced, 2) other drivers will probably not be able to legally drive your car, 3) and you could become a police magnet, although if legal should only be an inconvenience unless police aren’t aware of laws, 4) other states travelled in might not accept your state’s exceptions.

Check your state DMV or SOS office. I’ve got dark tint and a prescription and was only stopped once by police in another state (didn’t even want to see my prescription) who had as dark or darker tint than I have and was given a “warning ticket.” I go around that county now.

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Thank you. I am aware of such laws but with unpleasant encounters with the law enforcement for minor offenses in the news, I prefer not to have any interaction unless absolutely necessary. Hence, I have decided not to have tint on the glass.

Plus, since it can not be put on windshield and most of the time I am the driver, I get full brunt of the sun from the front, hence I am actually looking more for the windshield than the other glass on the car. I actually wear white full sleeve shirt on top of my clothes and white towel on the lap while driving, but for small drives, its a pain.

If you are concerned about UV light, the glass absorbs most of it and the polymer layer absorbs the rest.


As jtsanders pointed out, modern glass already filters out almost all UV-


I took some medication once that made me more sensitive to sunlight. Pretty sure it wasn’t just the UV wavelengths but the full spectrum…

the tint is too dark if you cant see the face of the driver in the car behind you. i had a white camaro from ariz with limo tint and drove it for 1yr before i got pulled over. duh. i didnt like the tint but never got around to removing it till the cop talked me into it.

I am sorry, I wasn’t very clear earlier.

I am not worried about UV light, more of a heat/full spectrum that permeates through the glass. I can’t tell you for sure what causes skin burn (more like the feeling than actual burn, but that stinging feeling is so bad that I have pulled over a few times while not carrying my white over-shirt or the towel) but it happens only when there is a direct light entering through the glass.

So I would say, I am talking more of a sunblock than just UV.


Here on the Sun Coast (gulf side) of Florida, in my county (County logo is Sun :sunny:), it seems that every eighth or tenth car/truck has very dark tint as does my car.

It’s apparently understood that people use tint for sun protection and not to hide from authorities. It’s practically a necessity. I think police either don’t notice the tint or look the other way.

What is your locale?

Locale is important. Different states have different laws. A legitimate tint shop should know the law. The last time I had my windows tinted the shop placed a compliance sticker on the door jam.
Have a friend that had her vehicle tinted darker that the law allows, but all she has to do, if stopped, is flash her badge.

As far as ‘high end’ vehicles having different glass from the factory, I don’t know.

We have friends that moved from Maryland to Texas. While there, they got their car’s windows deep tinted. After a few years, they moved back but couldn’t bring the car into MD because of the dark tint. They chose to sell the car rather than remove the tint.

Likewise, when transferred from Florida to California in the 80s, I had to remove the film from the front door windows.

Usually the southern states have more lenient laws on window tinting. In NH only the glass behind the driver can be tinted.

It might look silly, but would a Snuggie be easier to use?

The trend has been to incorporate films capable of blocking the infrared spectrum to reduce the load on HVAC systems and provide more passenger comfort. Those are probably not sufficient for your needs. About the only thing you can do is research the tinting laws in your state and maximize the aftermarket tint applied to your windows. To your point, not much can be done with the windshield so you may be relegated to wearing a light cover while driving. I see to recall some fabrics and weaves that were effective sun blockers but not stifling to the wearer…

Yes, sporting goods stores have light weight, high sun block shirts.

Thank you everyone. I am in NY.

Tinting is out of question as most of the sun that bothers me comes through the windshield on which you can not put the tint. And as I said in my OP, I don’t want to be magnet for the cops. Whatever your experiences may be, but in my neighborhood, I will be stopped, even after all paperwork done with the DMV. That is the reason why I didn’t get into putting tint on front side windows in last 6 years of taking this medication.

I guess I don’t have any choice but keep wearing my silly shirt.