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Cling on car window sun shades, small sizes/alternatives

Hello folks,

I take some medications that affects how the skin reacts to the sun. Usually, within 4 to 5 minutes of direct sun and I get a feeling that my skin is on fire. I always wear a loose white top shirt to block the sun while driving (even in long winter drives). But the face is always exposed. I have tried a wide variety of hats without much satisfaction.

I am looking for sun shades that I can stick on the driver’s side window as and when needed. I found this and this but doesn’t look like either of them are great.

I wonder if anyone has a better alternative.

I do not want to tint the window to make myself a magnet for the law enforcement. Hence, looking for the alternatives.

Thanks in advance.

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Baby stores carry a variety of automotive sun shades.

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That picture of my Grand Prix shows a car with very dark tinted windows (all except windshield).

Check your state laws. I believe most have a provision/exception that allows for tinting in cases like yours.

I carry a prescription for the dark tinted windows written by my dermatologist (a believer in dark tint and has tinted car windows).

I’d consider having them professionally tinted.

Surprisingly I haven’t ever been stopped by law enforcement and when checking with my dermatologist, he relates the same.

I don’t even live where one could consider calling this a sunny location. This is where solar power comes to die. :wink:

Thats a HUGE magnet in our neighborhood. Since a filthy rich neighborhood is next-door, a lot of crack sellers are moving in. Rarely a week goes by when they don’t catch someone dealing crack. They think you have tinted glass or those odorant trees hanging from your rear view mirror, you got to have something to hide. And since they don’t have much other work to do, a whole platoon descends when there is a traffic stop. Scary sh*t.

Yes, dark tint is a magnet for being pulled over (here is proof spoken by a police officer). That said, I did a little research on tinting recently and discovered that almost all states have an exemption for dark tint for those with a medical condition. I also looked at the two items you selected on Amazon and they are highly rated and cheap. $16.50 and 4 stars, I’d start there for sure. My GF uses the baby ones on the back windows that the_same_mountainbik mentions and they do work. They also survive getting sucked into the door panel by a dumb BF who forgets and puts all the windows down occasionally.

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