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2007 Toyota Prius - Best window tint

What is the most effective brand for car window tinting for UV protection? I have researched brands (e.g. Suntek, 3M, Llumar, SolarGard, etc.), they all claim to be effective but I don’t know which one really is? Also, is ceramic film most effective for UV protection?

leave it to the professional shop, as done by DIY-er and for the first time, the quality usually suffers.

professionals will tell you what to use


Check the laws in your state regarding window tint, if you haven’t already done so. They vary widely by state and some states honor rules from other states and some don’t. Usually you can’t tint the windshield or front door windows.

I live on the Sun Coast and it is generally very sunny here most of the daylight hours. Today we have all sun, no clouds, clear air, and the UV exposure index is literally off the charts, above 11, in the “extreme” category. Sun protection is a must.

My car came with very dark tint on all windows except the windshield, in fact I believe it’s darker than legally allowed, but the police cut everybody some slack because of the blazing sun and in fact their cars look to have tint like mine. I’ve never been stopped or questioned about the tint.

Police often carry a device for checking the level of tint on windows and can issue citations. I was in another county one time and a “Barney Fife” officer stopped me and checked my tint (Each window! He would not look at my prescription, either) and found it too dark. It’s interesting to note that his windows appeared as dark as mine. I was given a warning. I now go around that county.

Also, you can check with your dermatologist regarding UV protective tint. My doctor is an advocate and wrote me a prescription for my dark tint. One of the 2 states I live in allows exceptions to tint laws with a doctor’s prescription. However the other state does not honor anything from other states. Cute.

A professional glass tinting company should no local laws and be able to advise you, but I would check with a dermatologist first if you’ve got one. Perhaps you can make a better decision that way.

Anyhow, for me, I have to have the dark tint and UV protection, that’s my decision.
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