UV block for car windows

Is there something that I can self apply without too much skill? I drive all day and have bad sun damage on one side of my face at 30…and a strong family history of skin cancer. Most places I’ve called want $600 or so to apply an SPF film to my car’s windows

@jobseeker…there are several companies that sell pre-cut vehicle window tint kits. Just google “pre-cut auto tint” and you will have many choices to choose from. They run less than $100 for most vehicles. Be advised that applying window tint outside is nearly impossible. You want to apply the tint inside a garage for the best looking job. The wind, bugs and sudden rain can destroy the project very early on. I used tintzoom(dot)com.

Normal glass already filters out a large part of the UV. What Missileman recommends makes sense.

Glass filters some UV-A (400-nm to 315-nm) and just about all UV-B (315-nm to 280-nm); the atmosphere filters UV-C (< 280-nm). UV-B filtration occurs because this light interacts strongly with the silicon in glass. The UV filter you want will preferentially interact with the UV-A.

Jobseeker, also consider perforated pulldown screens as a quick fix.
Simply by reducing incoming light.

PS arborsci has inexpensive little white beads that turn colors in UV. You can use them as simple uncalibrated monitors. Their absorbtion is graphed on the doc that comes with them.

You guys are awesome! Just ordered some precut film on tintzoom…I ordered the 75% one because I really only need UV protection and do drive at night. Is it legal to have that level of tint on the front windscreen as well, does anyone know? I live in Massachusetts.

Oh, and I never would have thought of the UV beads, but my daughter has some in her science kit…go figure! I guess they will be going into my car!

“Is it legal to have that level of tint on the front windscreen as well, does anyone know? I live in Massachusetts”

Ask the state. The State Police often know the rules (it’s their job) and it might be at the RMV web site. do a web search; snoop around.

I don’t think you can legally tint the front windshield.

@texases…in some states you can tint the upper 6 inches or so of the windshield. I do agree that no state allows you to tint the entire windshield.

You’re way over the legal limit in MA. Limited to 35% on side glass. No tint allowed on windshield beyond mfr tint at top.

Cops will stop you and check. BTDT. Had limo tint on hot rod when I moved here. They take tinted driver’s window seriously as it makes it dangerous to approach on stop.

Where I live drivers with dark front seat side windows have been stopped and ordered off the road. The theory is that other drivers and the cops are supposed to be able to see your face to see what you might be up to. They don’t care about the rest of the side and back windows.

The 35% limit for side windows makes sense in my opinion.

In many states that allow 35% tint on the side windows mean a minimum 35% transmissivity. If the side windows are already solar tint glass, which most cars today have, then then a 35% tint film will actually take the window below the legal limit. You have to specify that the total tint is 35%.

On each side of most windshields, 4 to 5 inches from the top is a little AS1 mark. You can tint down to this line with any tint you want, even a total blackout. I had a 5% tint on this area because on my way to work in the mornings, the sun was always right in my eyes, this strip was an important safety feature for me.

I didn’t think Massachusetts got enough sunshine for UV to be a problem…Like Docnick said, just normal glass removes most UV light…Factory tinted glass removed even more… If you put that 75% tint in the drivers window, it’s a ticket for sure…