Video advertisement prevents scrolling through the posts?

Is anyone else having this same problem where a video advertisement on a Car Talk Forums page prevents you from scrolling through the posts?

Chrome with adblocker, no problem. I would love to support ads but if it makes the site unuseable too bad .

I’ve got Chrome w/o adblocker and still ok.

Firefox with adblocker and no problems

10+year old mac mini with Firefox and adblock+ no problem. Can’t use Chrome anymore because I only have a 32 bit processor.

Hmm. I’ve never seen a video ad here, but I use Firefox and adblock.

No problems here with IE 11 and adblock.

Windows 10 and IE 11 with no adblock and no problems.

Firefox on both Windows 7 and on Fedora Linux - works fine.

I’m not using any adblock.

No problem with IE and no adblocker.
Have you done a virus scan lately? Have you run a cleanup program lately (I use CCleaner)?

I use Hitman Pro once a week. You get a free 30 day evaluation copy and it doesn’t activate until it’s needed. I’ve had my same copy for nearly a year and it’s still not activated. I use CCleaner after each internet visit and have it set on the secure mode (37 passes).

I have never owned a pc but it sounds like a lot of work.

You should not be getting ads like that. Have you checked for malware on your machine (viruses) lately? Are you getting similar pop-ups on all sites?

Thanks for the feedback. Nobody else is seeing vdo advertisements on the right lower corner of the forum pages? And if you try to scroll away from that area, once you let go of the mouse it pops back? You folks got none of that going on? Interesting. I haven’t seen it happen yet today, but if I run into another of these screen hogging videos, it sounds like I’ll have to do a little detective work.

@GeorgeSanJose post your operating system and browser, probably an add on you do not n e e d

I’m using IE . I’ve seen one animated vdo today, for Toyota, but it appeared on the left side of the page, not the right, and didn’t have that annoying habit of preventing me from scrolling away from it. I haven’t seen the problem I reported yesterday yet, which appeared on the lower right hand side and was an actual vdo, not an animated one. I didn’t watch it so don’t know what it was about. Perhaps that was a fluke, malware that just snuck in for the day. I’m running in virtual browser mode, so every day everything in the browser environment gets erased and reset.

Hey, the vdo is back!! And on this very page!!! A serious series of advertisements. I can see it right now, to the right of this post. Advertising “Famous Footwear”. Next is something about cruise ships or Euro vacations. Next is an advertisement for Jeep.

Don’t see it. Do you use an anti-virus package? A cleanup program?

You might turn off Flash and Java, see if they stop playing.

Which version of Windows? Have you run an update?

This is sort of like those cold fusion experiments. Now you see it, now you don’t. So far I’ve figured no way to predict when I see it, and when I don’t. Like I say, I could see it as I was posting above, but I don’t see it right now on the repeat. I can tell when it starts b/c the screen automatically scrolls to where it is.