Adverts slowing the site

Anybody else getting annoyed by the website slowing down when typing a reply because an advertisement video is running alongside sucking up bandwidth? You can’t remove it, stop it or ban it while it mucks up the experience. I know advertising has to pay for this website but it is really annoying NOT to be able to shut this stuff off.

Does Doug the Senior Web Lackey have a suggestion or solution? Helloooo Doug!

Hi @Mustangman. I forwarded the question on to see what he says…

I don’t know what’s running but I did notice some delay in keystrokes registering the last couple of days.

Doug tells me that NPR was supposed to briefly test video ads, but that phase should be over. Are you on the mobile or desktop site? Do you know the advertiser name? Where are they located on the screen?

"I Was Waiting For Somebody Else To Bring This Up. I Thought It Was Just Me."
I Never Saw Anything Running, But…

Ordinarily I Can’t Download And Watch Videos As It Takes Too Long And Times Out. I Have A Very Slow Connection Rate As It Is And The Last Couple Of Days Have Been Really Slow, Almost Not Workable. :neutral:

No videos here. Same old same old.

@cdaquila I was on the desktop site at the “Leave a Comment” point in a post. The ad played just to the right of the comment dialog box. I don’t remember the advert… I never remember the advert… but it just played on while I typed a comment. The keystoke display was delayed.

I have a pretty powerful desktop computer so it is likely not that. My connection speed is steady at 10Mbps down and 0.8 Mbps upload - fast enough with just enough bandwidth to watch a streaming HD movie with very limited buffering at the beginning.

Hope all that helps Doug.


Was just responding to a post and had the same trouble. In fact I’m having it now as well. Periodoc delay of keystrokes. But I don’t see an ad running.

Browsing on a desktop pc using Chrome.

Mine’s working just fine, desktop pc using Firefox, but it may also because I run Adblock Plus for most sites.

@asemaster are you having the same issue mustangman is with the ads? Or timing out a la common sense answer?

My computer is working OK but I’m puzzled why we need Cover Girl lipstick ads on a car forum.

There was a problem a while ago where a vdo advertisement would prevent scrolling. You had to be satisfied to view the portion of the page the vdo was, b/c it wouldn’t allow you to see any other part. But the Car Talk expert website staff here were made aware, and thanks to their efforts, that’s been fixed.

I continue to see vdo’s though. I guess maybe it depends on the def’n of vdo. It’s moving pictures anyway, similar page locations OP mentions. Sometimes moving graphics, sometimes moving photograph like images. None right this moment though. & I’m not noticing any website delay b/c of them.

@cdaquila Not sure about videos. But as I sit here typing this there is a significant delay from the time I strike the keys to the time the words show up on the screen. I have multiple tabs open to other websites and they seem to work fine.

Something is slowing down the typing on this site.

We’re having some difficulty replicating it. @mustangman or anyone else having the video issue - can you take a screenshot when it happens so we can see where it is? If you can’t post it you can email me at Carolyn at cartalk dot com. Thank you!

@asemaster thank you for clarifying.

Any of these people have wireless keyboards,with low batteries?

Same problem here, just noticed it a day ago or so. Rebooted and checked other sites, no problem there but still bad at this site. However it is fine at this very moment… Macintosh with high speed wireless connection

problem is back. I’ve seen 3 different video’s at the time. Here is one of them.

PS, I had trouble uploading the screen shot because of long delays.

Hi. Thanks, @BillRussell. That’s clearly the desktop site off to the right. I’ll email Doug. It is a nit picky question, but do you know who the advertiser was?

it seems to occur with any video. Right now it’s some kind of dental ad, saw a large molar . and the typing delays are bad now. And no way do I want to click on an ad.

And the delays are causing other problems, such as uploading a image, or clicking on a button.

Chromebook and Firefox, no issues with the ads, but my ad in the same place as Bills has a small icon in the upper right, in firefox, this ad was placed by yahoo, in chrome it shws ip as placed by the trade desk. In the ad choices I did not see an option to not use videos.