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Where are my new message alerts?

Has anyone else experienced this? No messages posted today carry the new message alert (yellow highlight).

Web Lackeys…


Please explain if there is a problem or this is an “undocumented feature”.

jt, in my viewing all sorts of wacky changes went in today. I posted about it up in the most recent Community Update thread. I assume Doug or Carolyn will be along at some point to explain - or if its an error whatever it is will be fixed.

I have most things blocked by design, I had no Idea there was a new message alert, where does it show up?

Same here, most (but not all) messages show up without the yellow highlight.

Whatever changed - its a complete mess.

Hi Folks,

There were a set of changes by our forum provider, pushed live in the last 24 hours. We’re working with them to clarify the issues and get some resolution. My apologies for the disruption and lack of explanation for the changes. It caught us a bit off guard, too.

Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey

Hi Folks,

Here’s a screenshot of the functionality and design update from our forum provider.


Doug Mayer

There is, of course, that famous old saying that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The reason that this is a famous old saying is that if you take something that is already working and you try to “fix” it - that’s how you end up breaking it.

This is one of those things. It used to work. Now it is a mess. I promise this isn’t just a “resistance to any kind of change.” Obviously others might feel differently but I favor asking the forum provider to change it back to what it was before - when it was “fixed” before they broke it.

Thanks for the quick response, Doug. I prefer having all new messages flagged with the yellow highlight. Please inform the forum provider that I preferred the last incarnation. It would be great if they could use the yellow highlight for all new to me messages.

I noticed the same thing. Thought it was a slow day and nothing new posted. Even logged out and in again to see if that changed it. Yeah that’s one thing about computer folks, they just won’t leave it alone-bless their souls.

Works for me, I see the yellow highlight, no new messages to check the blue or gray, but it has been a flawless transmssion so far. I don’t understand the messages to me, but after I have viewed a post it does highlight yellow to show new posts, as before.

I learned to work with it. This forum is going to be the reason I won’t get dementia. It is like a new crossword puzzle mixed with sudoko every week.

I would have likened it to paranoid schitzophrenia

I guess I understand it now. I might even get used to it one day.