My inbox

Hi guys. I just discovered my “inbox”, full of posts that I didn’t know I had. To all of you who’ve written via that channel, I sincerely thank you and humbly admit that I never visit there. Admittedly, the reason is that I really don’t center on myself much. I’m more interested in others.

Anyway, I want to say think you to all of you. I really do appreciate all the personal memos.


@mountainbike…I don’t remember if I sent anything to your “inbox” because I rarely use mine either. Missed you during your absence just the same. Thanks for your thanks.

Many of them are old. I just never knew they were there. Apologies to anyone who felt ignored. I appreciate all of you, I just never visit my inbox.

I appreciate your comment. This past 7 months I’ve had a number of issues that have kept me away from my computer for extended periods. Come summer, I may just disappear into the sunshine!

sun…shine… what’s that?

@the_same_mountainbike I never sent you a message, but now you have a notification I hope! I do enjoy your presence.