Amazing 95 suburban mysteriously changes from glossy white to dull flat grey one flake at a time



In 2003 I bought a 1995 Suburban that still looked showroom new and had only 48,000 miles. Begining in 2005 and growing progressively worse over the past 2 years the paint, once a beautiful glossy white, has been slowly automaticly removing itself from the flat grey primer. I know there have been other Chevy’s with this malady, I have tried to keep mine away from them fearing it might be contageous, but mine must have been exposed while I wasn’t looking. Is there a good antibiotic that will clear up this illness, or is it something a guy just hasta live with? Was there ever a recall for this problem? If not what should I know before having the car repainted? Is there any specific paint I should ask for? Are there any paint treatments (clearcoat, etc.) that you recommend?


Sorry, there’s no antibiotic. Some manufacturers took a very, very, very long time to get the hang of low VOC (volatile organic compounds) water-based paints. The problem you’re describing is an adhesion failure between the primer and the paint. An overspray might help stabilize the paint some, but it may still come off with the failure of the original paint.

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So pristine white paint can just decide 10 years into the game that it’s tired of the grey primer that it was sprayed on and just start chipping away? I want to get this fixed right, what should I ask for at the local body shop if I don’t want to suffer a repeat performance?


Yup, that’s basically correct.

Body shops are used to dealing with this problem. Ask them directly, but I think the only permanent solution is to strip and repaint.

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