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2003 Honda Odyssey

I own an '03 Honda Odyssey and I’ve noticed that the factory paint has peeled around the rear window vents, in the ridges on the roof and under the sliding door window - on both sides of the vehicle. When the paint flakes, it will reveal what looks to be some kind of grey under-coating or primer. Now, I’ve noticed periodically, other Odysseys (around my model year) seem to have the same issue, that’s even worse than mine. I’ve even seen one on the road where the whole front hood that the paint had peeled off, revealing primer. I wash and wax the car on a pretty regularly (to remove dust, grime, bird poop, etc.). But now the paint would flake off when I accidentally run my wash rag across the peeling areas. Does anyone know if this could have been a defective paint batch during that manufacturing period? It’s a great running vehicle and I’m not ready to get rid of because it’s not visually stunning as when it was new. Does anyone have a guess-timate on re-painting a vehicle that size?

Here’s more info on the problem:

Honda apparently did repaint some 2003-2005 Odysseys under warranty. Check with your dealer to see if the TSB is still in effect.

Gee, I hope so. Thanks for your quick response jesmed.

The problem with repainting is that it won’t stop the problem. The adhesion between the paint and the primer is failing. It would have to be stripped to successfully repaint it, and that would cost way big.

In the '70s (or was it the '80s? My memory fails…), when low-VOC paints were originally mandated, some manufacturers in particular had difficulty figuring out the processes necessary, and peeling paint was rampant on their cars. It’s unusual to hear about it happening on a car made in this millennium. But apparently they had a process problem. Perhaps it was made in a new manufacturing facility and they were still getting the hang of it there.

If it were me, I’d just get some spray touchup paint at the parts store and overspray the areas that peel.

Same problem with my 2003. Sanded, primed and used touch up paint. May last a year but it was not worth the $4000 paint job quoted from a body shop (completely removing all factory paint) nor the local body repair of $1500 if I removed all the paint.

Thank you Jake of All Trades and The Same Mountain Bike, your inputs were very helpful. I guess a quick fix is to touch up the areas as suggested until I’m ready to buy another vehicle. Because in my disappointment in the quality of the factory paint job, I may look at another manufacturer.

Yeah, the Odyssey had some problems and wasn’t Honda’s finest effort. But don’t let that sour you on all
Hondas. I’ve had some great ones.

They key, if buying used, is doing research first. Every car has some weak points, and some weaker than others. Read owner reviews on sites like If looking at a used car that is a few years old, there will be other owners who will complain about defects showing up, and those are the cars you want to avoid.

Great tips Jesmed, thank you. I guess Honda and I are friends again, I will definitely do my research when I do my next purchase. :slight_smile:

A partial cut and paste . . .

On certain 2003–05 Odysseys with dark blue (midnight blue pearl) paint, the paint could peel off from one or more horizontal (flat) surfaces and in recessed areas around the glass or the sliding doors. Because of this possible problem, the following areas of exterior paint on your vehicle are now covered for 7 years from its original purchase or lease date, with no mileage limit:

It seems to me that the warranty extension is no longer in effect for this particular vehicle