White paint gone

I have seen hundreds of cars via ford GM dodge, where the color white has pealed off in spots. my sisters buick did this It takes a few years to do and this is the problem no company will fix repaint the car

I think it is cause from the gray primer. I need info on how to get a 6 year old car fixed free. I,am sure you all have seen in other citys can we go after the paint suppier, She now has to get the whole car painted.

If you wish, you can try anything in the legal system; but, is it worth it? In my opinion…
You can take your complaint to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). They may have made a ruling, or taken other actions on similar complaints. There are a few questions YOU (or, Sister) need to answer: 1. Has the car ever been repaired and repainted in those areas? 2. What has the car been cleaned with? 3. Etc?

Add the suns’ uv rays to the mix too. That’s not a manufacturing defect.

I had an '88 Chev Corsica for 11 years and the paint peeled off the roof, but didn’t start peeling until after the warranty ran out. Go figure.

They claimed at the time they had used too strong a paint hardener. I had no way to prove that one.

You cannot.

The problem is water based low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints. The feds mandated them some years ago and it took quite a few years for some of the manufacturers to get the process down properly. Send your letters of complaint to the Environmental Protection Agency.

You’ll have to find some other excuse to sue somebody.

GM had some problems with the primer they used from the late-80’s to the early-90’s. It was the subject of a “secret recall” where anyone who came in and complained got a new paint job, but they didn’t publicize the problems. All of the cars affected by that particular issue are too old to get the free repaint now, but you might try politely complaining to your dealer or to the GM regional office about your 6-year old car. Couldn’t hurt!

My friend and I had our 89 and 88 Chevrolet Berettas repainted under this recall. His paint was peeling off in strips, GM repainted the entire car. The paint on the hood, roof and trunk of my Beretta was cracking, I think they charged my $100 to strip and repaint the top of the car. I think the VOC problem was fixed by the mid 90’s, I had no paint issues with my 98 Windstar and my current 2000 Blazer. Both vehicles were waxed 2 to 3 times a year and the paint held up nicely.

Ed B.

think,s I was hopeing  some one had a found a way around this since I seen so many cars like this.

A small clarification. The EPA set emission limits on the paint shop. The manufacturers chose to go to low VOC paints instead of putting controls on the exhaust.

Well, that should teach you to buy a GM product.

In 1969 I bought a maroon 1964 Buick Special. Within 1 year the maroon paint had faded to gray in many places. My neighbor’s maroon 1963 Chevy looked the same. Throughout the 70’s I saw many faded maroon GM cars.

In the past 45 years GM has still not learned how to paint cars. The paint on my white 1992 Honda hasn’t peeled off or faded. Is it any wonder GM’s market share has steadily decreased for the past umpteen years?

Must depend on the color. My 1964 LeSabre’s original blue and white paint still looks fine-- it’s defintely faded a bit in the past 45 years, but it’s all still there and if you put a coat of wax on it looks pretty decent.

Of course, my old 1988 Century only lasted maybe 5 years before the paint started peeling off. Of course, I didn’t learn about the secret recall until maybe 2002 when it was too late. 50 bucks worth of spray paint made the thing look okay, though.

Though that problem was defintely GM’s fault, I see plenty of 15-20 year old Japanese cars with peeling paint. If you line up a typical 20-year old GM next to a typical 20-year old Honda, you’ll probably have one car with peeling paint and one with severe rust-- I’d pick the peeling paint any day.