Chevrolet Suburban paint failure

I own a 2014 Chevrolet Suburban LT, 35000 miles. Color is Moca Steel. The clear coat on the hood appears to be crazing and showing signs of failure. Has anyone else experienced this paint problem?
In August 2017 Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet reportedly took pictures of the paint and contacted the GM South Florida Regional Rep to review my complaint. Have contacted dealership service and collision shop 12 times with absolutely no response whatsoever. The entire hood and roof paint has since failed.

It doesn’t matter if anyone else has had this problem. YOU have this problem and shouldn’t. Paint should not fail in 4 years even if you live in the Mohave desert!

If the dealer is no help, push your complaint up the ladder to the zone office. Be nice but be persistent. If the zone won’t answer you do a little internet searching for corporate headquarters. Send letters to the higher ups. Be nice but be firm.

I did this with a $70 issue I had with Waste Management. I finally had to send letters to the President, Chief Legal Counsel, VP of customer relations ad zone VP to finally get results.