Altima power window

08 Altima, drivers side window does not work, but. The rocker switch for the drivers window will open and close the passengers window The rocker switch of passenger window does nothing. Everything else works. Rear windows, mirrors.
I replaced the control panel that contains all the switches With a new one and the same thing happens. Using a test light and jumper wire with power from battery. The drivers side motor has a good ground but will not work with power straight from battery. When driver side switch is pressed, there is power at the switch in the wire that goes to passenger side window. I’ve inspected wires harnesses in drivers door for cuts and/or shorts and found nothing. Any ideas?

From what you describe, I would say window motor for the drivers door is bad, and the switch on the passenger door is bad,


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When I said passenger side switch, I meant the switch in the control unit in the drivers door. I haven’t touched the passenger side door at all.

Are you saying when you operate the switch on the drivers door for the drivers window, the passenger window functions?


Yes. And when I press the switch for the passenger window, on the drivers door, nothing happens. Everything else works fine.

Then I’m going to say it’s the BCM.


Thanks, that’s what I was thinking. Something shorted out and fried a circuit in the BCM.