Help! My sons windows won’t roll down

Greetings! My son has a 2014 Nissan Altima and the power windows just stopped working. We checked the fuses and they are fine any suggestions would be madly appreciated! Thank you~

any history of car being in accident or repaired recently?

The BCM controls that function.


No accident history or repairs. The sun roof works, the door locks do not.

Thank you, I will check that article out.

3 years old car…
it seems to be too new to fail from the age, but too old to fail from the initial manufacturing defects…
it is supposed to be on quite trouble-free plateau at this age…

both functions are controlled by BCM as @Tester pointed, so somebody with the electronics defects troubleshooting should investigate, as without physical work on the vehicle circuitry we will not be able to identify the root cause over the internet

Thank you. I was wrong, it’s a 2014. Sounds like that is probably the issue. Drat, looks like an expensive part. Thank you both again.