Alternative fuel

hello, There is lots of talk on the internet about HHO gas, basicly using hydrogen wich is extracted from water and introduced into the airintake aft the of the filter, it sounds good in theory but whats the easiest way to extract the hydrogen. The way people are doing it is by put types of systems under the hood to extract the fuel with electrcity and connected to metal leads submersed into water.

It doesn’t work, it’s a fraud. Forget it.

It’s a fun science project for the kiddies. It will do nothing for your car.

Yet another worthless scam. Don’t be gullible. Save your money. You’ll need it to buy gasoline. Look at it this way; If it worked, don’t you think every car manufacturer on the planet would install this technology at the factory?

The reason the manufacturers don’t install hydrogen extractors is that they do nothing for the vehicle.

Scam artists have been trying to convince people that they can run their vehicles on water for years. It has never worked yet, and I doubt it ever will. At least not where internal combustion engines are concerned.

It takes more energy to extract it than it will give back as fuel. It would reduce mileage in increase it.