ALL the Lites On Dashboard Honda 2018 Accord Sedan

Sometimes when a lot of dash warning lights come on, it’s misleading b/c all it is saying is something is wrong w/engine or transmission, and so it is turning off optional systems, like cruise control, stability control, road departure monitor, etc. Those systems may not work properly if engine or transmission has even a minor problem, therefore safest to just turn them off.

Replacing fuel injectors and cleaning spark plugs? hmmm … could mean your shop believes engine is the cause of the problem, and that it is misfiring. Personally, as a diy’er I’ve never cleaned a spark plug or replaced an injector. I’ve only needed to replace spark plugs and (very infrequently) clean injectors. On the plus side, your decision to purchase the 10 year warranty turned out to be sound! Keep us on your update list, best of luck there OP :slight_smile:

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Hi George_San_Jose1,
Thanks for comment.
You mentioned the word “diy’er”. What Is That ?______.

Do It Yourselfer

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Just curious, are you by any chance a Mechanic?_______.

I can answer that . George is not a mechanic .


How do you know ? :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t have to explain to a mechanic how a push button start operates, these have been around for 20 years.

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In all fairness, George’s vehicles are only a few years newer than Fred Flintstone’s car.


Because he knows.

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No. Just a long-suffering diy’er. The newest of my cars is 30 years old. My diy’er advice to those car owners w/car problems is this: If you want the best chance of getting the problem fixed, and fixed properly, take your car to a dealership. & bring your wallet.

Oh oh, another of George’s never-ending stories … lol … 25-30 years ago, there used to be a highly-listened-to radio program here in the SF Bay area called “Science Talk”, something like that. Listeners would call in and ask the host – Ph.D. in Physics – science questions. The idea was the questions would be along the lines “why is the sky blue?”, “what is the difference between AM and FM”? … you know, basic high school science questions like that. Instead almost every question was a listener w/a perplexing car-symptom asking the Ph.D. how to fix their car. He wasn’t a mechanic, but knew basic diy’er car repair techniques, so he’d give some common sense advice. Occasionally listeners would call later and say “thanks, it worked”. But they’d also call sometimes to say it didn’t, and complain about the bad advice. Eventually he got tired of all the complaining, and decided to just tell those w/car repair problems to take the car to a dealership. Sort of unfortunate, b/c otherwise he was a pretty good resource for common-sense car repair advice, it’s free after all, and the calls were pretty entertaining. Folks tend to be a little over-emotional when they have car problems…

I think there’s a thread here that many of the repeat posters here explain their car-repair experience. Not sure where that thread is located though.

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Cleaned spark plugs?
New plugs are $9 each. Times 4.
Ask shop how much it costs to replace 4 plugs? $125?
If you remove a plug to “look” at it, replace it.


So what is your field, if I could ask ? _____.

George is our resident storyteller. :rofl: kidding George. we love your stories. well, at least some of us do. :wink:


Couple things here:
With cleaning the spark plugs (who does that?) and checking fuel injectors, is the dealership thinking this is a misfire? I have seen a misfire cause all kinds of other lights to come on, as systems get disabled by the cars computer seeing an issue with the engine.

Cars can be funny sometimes (and not in a laughing way…) but just because this is a dealership does not mean that you have the best mechanics working on it. Many dealership mechanics are new to the field and inexperienced. There are some amazing dealership mechanics, and some are just a step above oil changer in their experience levels. Understand that when dealing with your dealership.
all that to say if they keep tossing parts at it- as long as they are paying for it under warranty, then fine. But if they start guessing and wanting you to pay- then I would suggest you find a honda specialist near you and take your car there.


George is the resident story teller and Chief Guesser .


hold on a second. I thought that was taken by…thewonderful90s :rofl:
well, I guess we all do a little guessing sometimes to figure out a problem.


He don’t guess he just spouts nonsense. :upside_down_face:


Hi Eddo,
Thanks for your honest & genuine comment, your comment was the most Helpful IMHO (In My Honest Opinion).

I thought the same- I actually walked to the Back of the Dealership & saw the guy, the Mechanic and he didn’t look like he really knew what he was doing.
Maybe the Honda Expert Mechanic were all on vacation as most do vacation in the end of August. So these works were mostly Substitutes.

Why would it take 3 hours to have their machine going to see why my Dashboard was flashing all the warning lights. And 4 hours to Replace all FOUR FUEL INJECTORS (!).

Is there a HONDA EXPERT MECHANIC WEBSITE you can recommend ? ____.

And Can I ask what your Field is ?

I cannot comment to the length of time to take to do the work they did for you, are you saying it physically took 3 hours and 4 hours? Or that is what they billed?
Diagnoses can often take a lot longer than it should. The “machine” (read: diagnostic computers) don’t tell you what to replace, only what the computer sees, then you have to decipher that to figure out what the actual issue is. With all the lights your car had on, there were several things to rule out- depending on how the different sections of the car talk to each other.

I can say that with warranty work, Dealership mechanics tend to get paid less for doing warranty work, so you aren’t going to be a high priority. You may also not be the only vehicle that they are working on.

Also, the top dealership mechanics will be given the difficult jobs, not the lower ones, and likely can bypass the warranty work unless absolutely necessary (especially if the warranty work pays less.)

as for me, I am a private heavy duty fleet mechanic. I’m far from an expert, especially on light duty stuff. :smiley:

I do not have an idea for a Honda Specialist. Use google and search for “Honda specialist near me” if it comes to that. Understand that they may not recognize or honor your warranty, though.


The labor guide shows 2.8 hours to replace the fuel injectors. Technicians normally have 3 to 4 jobs in process at one time, there is no incentive to rush warranty repairs.

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