ALL the Lites On Dashboard Honda 2018 Accord Sedan

Hello to All,
I was away for a month came back & ALL the Lights are on saying there’s a problem even the Cruise Control & I haven’t ever used the Cruise Control. Anybody had this happen? TIA
Edit: Anybody have a Honda ??
2018. 22,400 Miles.

Did they remain on after allowing the car to warm up?
My initial thought, related to slightly low battery after sitting for a month or rodents have chewed on some of the wiring.
If they are still on, two choices. Take it to a parts store and have codes read, then report the actual code numbers back here, then we might be able to provide answers.
Better, in my opinion, take it to your dealer, what ever is the problem might still be covered by any remains warranty.

If the CEL is blinking do not drive, have it towed to your regular mechanic.


Actually, I drove it a few times when returned from my Trip but about my 5th Drive- Start up- putting on the Ignition- ALL the Lights came on.

What’s a CEL ? _______.

Check Engine Light.

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ALL the Lights came on saying to see the dealership. Let me show you the pic I took. Hold on.

CEL: the yellow (sometime red) engine outline.

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Looks like I can NOT upload a picture. But here’s an example pic of one - go to # 8 of this Link below. Just learning from Car Complant’s website that this has been an Issue with Several ppl.

OP, do the warning lights in the photo above stay on when the engine is started? It is normal for dash warning lights turn on with key in “on” before starting engine. That’s so the owner can verify the bulb is working. In your photo, the check engine light appears to be on, bottom of display, center. But if key was in “on”, engine not running, like said above, that’s normal, doesn’t indicate engine problem. If CEL remains on after starting engine, that’s not normal.

Another poster here has posted about problems with a newly purchased Accord exhibiting dashboard warning lights for no apparent reason. Looks to be caused by a different problem than yours, but might be worth a read.

Since message says “see dealer”, sensible thing to do at this point seems to take car to dealership shop. The problem appears to be with a safety function that is supposed to prevent the driver from accidentally drifting off the side of the road.

All the Flashing notifications have turns flashing as I am Driving. I have never even used the Cruise Control so that should not go off.
Nope, I do not need a Key to start the ignition.
It starts with the remote key & push of a Button.

Typically, when the check engine light is on, the cruise control is disabled. The check engine light is the problem, not the cruise control.

Start with diagnosing the check engine light and the low tire pressure warning, the other systems should become operational after these are repaired.


No key at all? I start my Corolla with a button, but still have to insert key and turn it to “on” first. But your car needs no key insertion at all, just the fob? hmmm … I wonder how the owner verifies the dash warning bulbs are working? Maybe there are no dash warning bulbs used on your car, the entire display is bulb-less. That’s possible I suppose. Still seems like some method would be needed to verify some portion of the display – like where the check engine light is located – hadn’t stopped working.

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That’s very common in today’s cars. My wife’s 2022 Hyundai Elantra has a push button start, no ignition key. As long as the fob is in the car, usually in her purse, she pushes a button on the dash while her foot is on the brake. This initiates the starting sequence. There is no ability to turn on ignition without the full start sequence.

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Good info @old_mopar_guy , but is there a way to verify the dash warning bulbs work ? Do they turn on briefly when cranking? My truck has a brake warning light on dashboard, the only way to verify the bulb works is by looking at it during cranking, when it turns of briefly. But I seldom am looking at the dashboard when cranking the engine, so it may not actually be working and I’d never know.

No they don’t

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George, Interesting question about verifying dash light, I never looked. I will next time I start my car.
The FOB never leaves your pocket, get close to the car, pull on door handle, unlocks. Get in, foot on brake, push button, it starts.
The only time I touch the FOB is to lock the car, which of course could be accomplished by hitting the lock button in the car.

About ten years ago a coworker had a keyless push button start, at that time could not wrap my head around the concept.

Update: Tried it this morning, foot off brake, push button, that is equivalent to accessory on key ignition, all warning lights appear briefly confirming they are functioning.
Mine is a different make than the OPs, may not apply.


You may want to start a New Post on your car’s issue to help you solve your car’s problem. Just saying.

I don’t have a problem, that was answer to a question George posted.

Have you received a response from your dealership, if so, what was the diagnosis and solution?

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Hi PureBred,
I am at the Honda Dealership now. They CLEANED the SPARK PLUGS & it’s well so it’s NOT the SP problem.
Now they think it’s the FUEL INJECTOR problem so the are REPLACING it now, 3-4 hours wait. They think replacing the F.I. will make the warning signs go away.

Can you believe this?!!! And this is a HONDA Dealership Place. All this will be FREE, my car is still under the 10 YEAR WARRANTY.

Maybe ALL the original workers are on Vacation, substitutes are working for them.

Btw, they checked BATTERY. It’s good.