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2016 Honda Pilot - all warning lights going off

I just started my Pilot this morning and all warning lights came up on my dash. I’ve read a lot for forums and this seems to be a recurrent problem for Honda vehicles. What solutions might be available by Honda Corporation? Any recalls?

On some makes and models, if the car’s OBD system detects a fault, many/most of the dashboard warning lights will start glowing, in addition to the Check Engine Light (CEL).
If the brakes are functioning normally and you feel that the vehicle is safe to drive, then I strongly suggest that you go to the nearest mechanic’s shop to have the stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes read. When the problem that caused the CEL to light up is rectified, the CEL and the other lights will turn off.

Note: If the CEL is blinking/flashing, do NOT drive it. In that case, you will need to have it towed to the mechanic’s shop.

The original warranty on your Pilot was 36 mo./36k so it’s barely possible you’re covered.

All those lights will come on if the engine stalls, or sometimes if it is even about to stall. If so that’s normal and used for you to verify the dash warning light bulbs are still working. . Are you sure the engine was running at the time the warning lights turned on?