Alignment of car with Dynamic Stability Control


I have a 2003 Jaguar S-type with DSC. Yesterday, I had the car aligned, and on the way home, I got a yellow message light and a message “DSC unavailable”. I stopped the car and upon restart, the light and message were no longer showing. However, after stopping at a grocery store, still on my way home, the light and message appeared again. Again, I stopped and upon restarting the car, the light and message were gond. After getting home yesterday - and today, I have started and driven the car, with no indication of a yellow light or a “DSC unavailable” message.

My concerns - should I have NOT had an alignment on a car with DSC? Or, does the computer reset itself after it decides the change to the alignment was ok? I called the firm doing the alignment and they indicated they communicated with the car’s computer when doing the alignment, but there shouldn’t be a problem. Since the light and message appear to be now staying off, can I safely just ignore this?


Dynamic stability control takes inputs from a bunch of different sensors. The ABS brake wheel sensors and a steering angle sensor, plus some others. I wonder if they may have knocked a connector loose, but not completely off, on one of these sensors? That would be my concern.


I agree with Ranck. I suggest taking it back to the shop that did the alignment and see what they say.


I called the shop that did the alignment and advised them of the light and message. They agreed to take a look at it. However, since neither the light nor the message has not appeared for two full days of driving the car now, so I am sort of afraid to have them mess with it, just in case it (the computer) fixed itself. I also called the Car Manufacturer Dealer (Jaguar) and they advised me if the light is not coming on, there if probably no problem.


It’s possible that it just could have been an electronic hiccup of some sort.
I’ve gotten a Check Air Ride message a few times on the message center of my Lincoln Mark and there’s never been a problem with the air ride at all.

Maybe Bill Gates has an automotive version of Windows… :slight_smile:


lol - I think that is what it probably was - a hiccup of the computer. It’s been more than a week now with no light or message showing up. Thanks for the responses.


I have been an electronic technician and a computer systems engineer, and I always hate these kind of problems. The symptom appears, then magically fixes itself. I always expect something to come back later when that happens. Usually I’m right.

Just remember if a year from now you start having problems again to have them check for loose or corroded connectors.