Toyota Avalon 2000 ABS, VSC light won't go off

Recently I installed the Steering Sensor in my Avalon and the ABS and VSC lights still won’t go off. I even took it to a mechanic to clear the codes and the lights still stay on . What could it be? please help

Get the actual code, and post it here. There are a lot more sensors in the system than just the steering sensor, and, chances are, you replaced a sensor that was not bad. Or, you replaced a sensor, and the connector is bad. The light is on because a problem is still there, and the system has disabled the ABS and VSC.

thanks I will find out the codes, but can you tell me the causes of the abs lights to go on ?

The ABS controller detected a fault, set a trouble code, turned on the ABS light, and turned off the system. The VSC system did the same thing. You’ll need the codes to determine what is at fault.

You have been so helpful. I will try to get the fault codes. will this be a expensive problem to correct or is it simple? what would have to be done once the codes are obtained?

Lots of cars have a set-up routine when replacing a steering angle sensor. The new sensor sometimes much be initialized for reference in the computer. Basically, your car probably needs to know where center is on your steering wheel. This will probably have to be done at a dealership with the factory diagnostic computer.

Does it have to be done by the dealer or can a local mechanic do it?

If it indeed needs that initialized, I would doubt one of our generic scanners we use at independent shops would do it. If you have a Toyota specialists shop in your area, they may have a factory diagnostic computer or atleast be able to tell what is required.

With BMW, we have to use the factory computer, but since that is our main specialty, we own one in-house.

I’ll see if I can find out what’s necessary and post it tomorrow night…

YES it does have to be calibrated. The car doesn’t have to be hooked up to a diagnostic computer. There is a procedure which involves connecting a jumper wire under the dash between two contacts, pressing and holding the VSC button for a few seconds, then pressing the brake pedal several times. The VSC buzzer sounds and its done. The jumper wire has a special Toyota tool part # (SST 09843-18020). I don’t know if it has a capacitor or diode in it to make it special, so it would probably be best to inquire at a Toyota specialist shop. A good alignment shop may be able to do it also, as it likely is necessary to calibrate during an alignment. Hope this helps…

For what its worth, we had a problem with our 2000 Avalon while in New Mexico. (we live in VA) Both of those lights came on. We went to a Toy dealer. The mechanic quickly determined the cause was a small piece of trash on the sensor in rhw air intake box where the filter is. I had put a new filter in before leaving home. This was bought at an auto parts store. The mechanic showed me that this filter was not exactly the same size as a factory one. Naturally, i opted for the factory filter and all was ok.

I give up. I took the car to a mechanic and he scanned and no codes came up. still the lights are on. can anyone advise what I can do?

I hope some one can help with this ongoing problem, recently i took the car for inspection and it failed because of following “OBD/Emissions”. So I went back to the toyota dealer and they did a diagnostic test and told me that my transmission is the problem and that the ABS,VSC and check engine lights won’t go off till the transmission is fixed. Is this true, can a transmission cause the ABS,VSC lights and emissions test to fail? Please advise. I don’t know what to do anymore, I am so frustrated, that I don’t want to keep putting new parts and spending money if that’s not the real problem.

I suspect what the service shop told you is true. You are going to need some repairs done to the transmission. The failure of the emissions test may have been due to just the warning light being on. There probably isn’t any emission issues to deal with.

thanks Cougar, so do you think I may need to repair the transmission? Before I went to the dealer, another mechanic told me the code po770 was causing the chck engine light to go on so I would need to put a new solonoid valve. I am going to take the car to a transmission guy and make sure if it really needs a new transmission or just the shift solenoid valve. What do you think? According to the dealer, by fixing the transmission the ABS,VSC and Chk engine lights will go off. Is this true?

can the o2 sensor cause the emissions test to fail?

can you help, I replaced the o2 sensor in Bank 1 and I di the drive cycle and went back for reinspection and it failed again for “obd systems not ready”. what can the problem be? i don’t know what else to do. Please help.