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Service Stabilization System

My car is a 2000 Cadillac DTS Every 15 minutes while driving, this message pops up. I’ve been researching this and I found it could be a sensor in the steering wheel, while others write that the whole front end of my car has to be taken apart. Being a woman, I don’t want to be ripped off, and I’m wondering if there is a sensor I could buy, or, is there an easy fix to this. My husband says leave it alone but I like things to be OK. Can you advise me please.

You just can’t just install a part and fix the problem. Proper diagnostics is needed to determine what has failed. First the system needs to be accessed, codes read, and then follow a diagnostic chart for what ever code was read.

Once a mechanic reads the code, he will have a hint about what is causing the problem. I could guess for a year and not get it fixed. You already own the Cadillac, the ripoff has happened already. We will all have stabilization systems in a year or two on all new cars. You will have plenty of company. For all I know, you may have lost pressure in the air-shocks.

It would help if you could post the exact error message.

Sounds like to me you need a good independent mechanic if you feel like “they rip you off”. Thats a bad presumption about being feminine, the sharks rip everyone off not just women. At the very least you have to pay for a diagnostic of the problem(the more than likely fix) and then decide where you go.

It’s when I’m driving, and every 15 miles or so the message comes up on the dashboard, All it says, is “SERVICE STABILIZATION SYSTEM”
thank you

Being a man, I don’t like to get ripped off either. As others have said, getting the diagnostic codes read is the first step.

Let me assure you, OP, that men get treated as badly as women do, both by mechanics and car salepeople. One difference is men may not admit it. Every story I have read told by women, who assumed they were treated shabbily because they were female, I have had tried on me. Because over the years, as much as I hate working on cars, I have learned enough to head them off, tell them to eat rocks, and take the car elsewhere.

Men who don’t know any more about cars than you do get ripped off the same as women do. Rip-off artists do not view your money as having gender.