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Toyota Camry Hybrid - Check VSC System - After Chaning Wheel Bearing

I replaced the right front wheel bearing on my '07 Camry Hybrid this weekend. It all went back together fine, but now the display says “Check VSC System”, and the Brake, Warning, ABS, Traction Control, and an icon that I think is brakes as well, lights are all on.

I believe everything went back together, but there are a few things that I think may have contributed to this. I didn’t get the job done in one day, because I didn’t realize until too late in the evening that I wasn’t going to be able to do this without a machine shop (didn’t realize the bearing would need to be pressed out and back in). So I had to move the car with one wheel off, on the jack. To do so, I had to turn the car on to unlock the steering column and put it in neutral. In the process, I stepped on the brake with no disk between the caliper - not a big deal, as I used a clamp to compress the cylinder, and put a block of wood in it, the same thickness as the disk, to keep from accidentally repeating the mistake. Also, possibly having the shaft rotate, while the car was on, in neutral, with the speed sensor not sensing rotation, since the hub assembly was off. I’m wondering if this is what caused the error condition.

I found this post which has a link to this document which describes resetting the lights. The only question I have, is since the person who wrote the post who said it worked has a non-hybrid, and his Camry is a 2002, is the article correct with pin numbers, or is his suggestion of using pin 14 where the article calls for pin 12 correct?

I’m working right now on the assumption that an error condition could cause the light to turn on, and the ABS/Traction (VSC) system to turn off, and that if I reset the system, then if the lights stay off, then it was only a temporary error-causing condition (probably the one I described above). If the lights come back on, then obviously I have to dig deeper, and find what I did wrong. Of course, if I’m wrong, and the clearing of the error-causing condition would cause the error to clear on the display, then resetting the system shouldn’t hurt any, because the error should just reappear anyway.

I have discovered that the lights being on does indeed mean that the ABS is off, as I was slowing for a stop, and squealed one tire, with minimal pressure (the brakes do feel different than they did before). What started all this is that I’ve had a low growl in the right front when curving to the left, and while it has not gotten any worse, I need new tires, which I’ll be getting in the next month or so. The last time I rotated them, I noticed they are not wearing evenly, so I want to get an alignment, and since I suspect a bearing problem, I don’t want to do an alignment prior to replacing the bearing. So I figured I’d replace the bearing now, then next month I’ll be putting tires and an alignment on it.

Anyway, if anyone has information about the reset process I linked to above, or if there is one that is specific to the hybrid (which I would prefer, if I could find one), I’d appreciate hearing from you. And yes, I’ve used Google. Or Bing, actually, which I prefer. There’s a lot of garbage out there to filter through either way, so I thought I’d check here.

Oh - and I’m at work right now, trying to gather as much info as I can so that when I get home from work, I can be as efficient as possible with getting to the root of the problem and getting it fixed. Unfortunately, this is the first time I’ve been able to get this site to work for me today. :confused:


This entire thread is about guesswork…Any reply’s you get will just be more of the same…

Was the ABS wheel speed sensor damaged during the removal or re-installation of the hub? That would be the first place to check…

Ok… The procedure in the pdf above got me an error of “DIAG VSC 45”, but it didn’t reset anything. But, with that code, I found a page that told me that it has to do with the deceleration sensor circuit. From there, I really didn’t find anything, but more searching on that diag code brought me to this page, which has a couple of procedures that are for brake and airbag reset.

Well, somehow, between trying both of the procedures, and combining them, and using TC in place of TS, but also trying TS, somehow, I was able to get the codes reset.

Now my car drives just like it should. In my post above, I mentioned that the brake pedal felt different. Well, the second link here says somewhere that the regen braking doesn’t work when the ABS doesn’t work. Well, now it feels back to normal, regen braking and all. All the warning lights are out,and it “feels” right, so I don’t expect any further problems.

One thing I did note, and will make sure to document these procedures for this reason - several posts that I saw said that people ended up with the problem described in the second link, which is simliar but not the same as mine, after changing their brake pads.

BTW - hybrid technology is sure nice. 79,000+ miles, and the brake pads look like they’re practically new.