Service Stability Message

Message Center shows the message “Service Stability”. Dealer says I have a bad ABS computer and wants $1500 to replace. Local mechanic says he can find a ABS module off a wrecked car and will install for $500.

In the mean time I have found that if I cycle the key on and off (without starting the car) several times eventually the message center won’t show the “Service Stability” message. Then the ABS system will work fine - I have tried it on an icy road.

Question - Pay big bucks to the Chevy dealer? Pay fewer bucks to the shadetree mechanic who will install used module? Continue to drive using the on/off/on technique?

Everytime you turn the car ignition switch to off and then restart it the ABS system does a self check. Apparantly sometimes the check is OK and other times it isn’t. The lack of consistency puts into question whether replacing the ABS module is really going to solve the problem. The system check makes sure all the circuts and sensors are working properly. One bad sensor, or even a loss connector could cause the system check to “fail” and turn on the ABS light and disable the system.

I think you need more diagnostic info.

Your suggestion of a lose connection seemed like the easiest thing to check. I reseated the ABS fuse and gave the bundle of wires leading into the ABS module a good wiggle. This only took a minute and I have not seen the “Service Stability” message since. Thanks-lots cheaper than my other options.

Thanks for letting us know how it is turning out. Keep us informed if it comes back.