Air leak from unknown hose line

Can someone help me out and let me know what this line is called and what it’s for? I got towed out of a ditch recently and when the chains when around my frame this line got crushed and now it’s leaking air. Also my horse power is dramatically affected.

I’ve never seen anything like that in the left rear corner of a 1974 Ford Pinto.

If your car is something different, maybe you could tell us what it is, and where this damage is.


It’s a 2002 Cadillac Deville and it’s coming from under the front of the frame and it connects to two lines. One goes to the top of the left side of the engine and the other goes toward the back of the car near the exhaust I believe

I wiggles it and got it to stop hissing for a few seconds and it finally stopped the smoke coming out of my exhaust but then it started again after a few seconds and the smoke came back instantly

I don’t know what it is… but that does not matter. You MUST get it fixed to make the car driveable (smoke coming out!). Have the car towed to a mechanic you trust. When s/he fixes it, s/he can tell you what the part is – if it you even still want to know.

(BTW, if the towing service really did that damage, you might think they would be liable. However, I expect that you signed all kinds of waivers when you agreed to their towing the car.)

The DeVille was available with air suspension. Looks like they busted your air line. Your horsepower is probably fine, but you might be rubbing the fender on the tire if the air suspension has collapsed entirely. That would be like applying the brakes to that wheel and would significantly impact your acceleration (and potentially wreck the tire, if not the fender itself)

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It’s drivable and doesn’t smoke like you think. It’s more like cold exhaust fumes all the time. Like how all cars have grey smoke coming out. And no way is my air suspension. I know where those lines are and the one that is leaking air rn runs to a metal hose on the top left of my engine and the second line runs back towards the exhaust.

That looks like the air injection pipe to the exhaust system, take the vehicle to an muffler shop.

Does the car have rear AC? If so maybe this is the problem

Is this behind the front frame crossmember, just behind/under the radiator? If so, that appears to be the power steering return line (see red circle in pic below). Are you sure it is leaking air? The hissing sound could be PS fluid flowing through the restriction.