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'97 Pathfinder Leak

Can someone please identify what this hose is for me?

The fluid leaking from it is dark brown, but seems more watery than oil.

Where is it located, front, middle, rear. When you get in that close, there is no frame of reference, its just a piece of hose.

Do you have a rear seat heater in the vehicle?

That’s near the back tires, center of the car.

No rear seat heater that I know of.


that looks like the fuel tank on the left

since the hoses seem to come from there, I’m guessing the hose is part of the evap system

does the other end of the hose go to the charcoal canister?

Clearly, it’s not the hose that’s leaking, but that section of pipe has rusted through. You could replace it with a plastic double-ended barb of the appropriate size

@db4690 Thanks. Yes, that is the gas tank, and I’ve confirmed that the fluid is gas, albeit very dirty… The line crosses to the passenger side and heads toward the front, but I haven’t been able to trace it to its destination. Can I be sure it’s part of the evap system and not a fuel line?

It looks as if the clamps are broken. Install new clamps.

Mu guess is that it’s the purge line.
Why not ask the dealer parts guy for an exploded view drawing of the EVAP system? I’ll bet you’ll see it in the drawing.

@knfenimore appears to be correct

Those clamps look like they are snapped

I’d say replace the clamps AND that fitting, which appears to be rusted out, as well

@knfenimore - thanks. And good eye. Both hose clamps had failed. The line was leaking quite a lot; I don’t think it was an evap line. I was able to replace the hose clamps without removing the hoses from the coupling and without depressurizing. It’ll do for now. I’ll look into a proper fix asap.

Thanks for the help, all.