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2001 blazer hose connection

I have posted a picture of an unconnected hose on a seperate website but have not had any luck getting a response. Can you tell me what part this is and where the hose is supposed to?

here is a link to the picture:


Here’s a picture of the AIR pump from

Here’s a link to a technical bulletin from AC Delco:

I’m not an expert and I could be wrong, but I did some looking around and it appears to be a secondary air injection system to promote complete burn of combustion exhaust gases. Again, I could be wrong, but the unconnected hose seems to be a fresh air intake hose that requires proper routing to prevent water from getting into it. Hope you get a response from an expert.

That helps alot. The delco bulletin indicates to route the hose assembly near the coolant resorvoir. I inspected the resorvoir and one led to the radiator and a second went down beneath the engine. Sure enough this second one was not connected and seems to fit the unconnected hose (its outer radius fits nicely into the air injections hose inner radius). I connected them together and the smell seemed to go away, the shake was still there but I think this is a good start.