What is this part called?



Car in question, 1995 Chevy Camaro, V6 engine. AC pipe developed a hole last year because battery acid got on it. Friend who is certified in AC is going to help replace the system this upcoming weekend and I’m ordering parts. But can’t figure out what this piece is – the piece that got the acid on the pipe and needs replacing. It goes from the drier into a connector on the radiator.

View the picture of the part here --> http://www…c_pipe.jpg

(The yellow goop is my piss-poor attempt at self-repair)


[/b]It’s called a refrigerant line.

You just need to discribe between what components it runs between when ordering it.



Thanks Tester – not only for answering my question, but for all the help you provide to folks on this board.


The only part I can find close to that is what is called a “Suction and Discharge Assembly”. You can see it at http://www.oreillyauto.com/EW3/ProductDetail.do?id=223389273&line=MRY&itemNumber=56013&manualReplCategoryIndex=1&vehicle=1995CHEVROLETCAMAROV6-201%20%203.4L%20OHV&bid=1185677714218&cycleCount=714&currentPage=8

Is this the right one to order? I don’t see any part labeled Refrigerant Line.


This is the high pressure refrigerant line. The yellow goop would not work because this line needs to hold int 200-300 psi when running. I doubt any store-bought goop can do that.


I understand that, and want to replace the part with the right one. I just need to know what to ask for at the parts place. Tester informs me it is the refrigerant line, but all the Auto Parts places I can find online don’t show anything like that.


This is almost certainly a dealer part, and that’s why it doesn’t show up on any parts store lists.

It’s only a hose (or metal line) and has no moving parts to wear out, so it’s not exactly a high demand item. Only time they normally get replaced is after the car is wrecked. So parts stores can’t be bothered to carry them, they’re just not worth the trouble.

Check with the dealer. More expensive for sure, but they’ll list it. Or try a boneyard.


You can find this part at a junkyard. With your car being 12 years old, there should be plenty available. This is a hard line that doesn’t experience wear.


You could always try the eBay ID “brockscamaro”. Specializes in guaranteed Camaro/Firebird parts and is a reputable seller - and cheap.
He also has a phone number listed in his eBay auctions.

Here’s a link.

You could either call him or use the “Ask The Seller A Question” option.