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Losing power!

I have a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. v6 engine, 4x4 and recently (yesterday) I got my rear brakes fixed. However, I was driving home from picking my boyfriend up from work that same day and I noticed that my engine was making a funny noise and that there was steam coming out of the hood. Also, I was losing power fast. I pulled over and noticed that a hose was completely off of where it was supposed to be. I tried to put it back on but it fell off! It was connected to the vacuum motor and the top part of the engine under the stopper where you put the oil in.

Problem with this is that I don’t know the part name. And I’ve been to several shops and looked online and I can’t get any help.

What I think it is, is that PCV grommet and the hose. But I am not sure. I showed the part to a few shops and they had no clue since I had to walk there and I didn’t have my car.

Currently, said car is in a parking lot cooling down and the part in question is being held together with duct tape and circle clamps.

Since I live in the city, and public transportation is sub par, my car is my only mode of transportation. If anyone can help me, PLEASE I need some adivse. Even a link to an engine layout would be great.


You will have to tow it somewhere. You might consider a repair place. Try taking a picture of it so the parts place can understand.