Air bag lamp is on

I had just replaced my left front door window regulator and had to take off the air bag to have more room to complete the task. After I had put everything back, the air bag lamp is on. I may have twisted the plug a little bit when I reconnected it the wire. Do I have to bring it to a dealer, or do I have to install a new air bag and can I do it myself, meaning, it does not require additional programming?

Not sure, but I think you just earned a trip to a dealer.

[b]If you didn’t disconnect the battery prior to unplugging the air bag, the SRS contoller detected that the air bag was no longer in the circuit. And that’s why the SRS light is on.

What needs to be done is, an ABS/SRS scanner needs to be connected in order to turn off the SRS light.


Thank you very much, this is helpful information. I hope, this is not too expensive, since I do not have a SRS scanner.