Airbag light


After a repair of some odds and ends on my 3 door Hyundai Accent that cost me well over $1,000 (female car owner in CA)my airbag light came on and has been on ever since. I don’t dare get taken again, but it worries me that the airbag probably won’t work when i need it.

What could possibly be causing this. Maybe just a bad fuse that I can hunt for?? (I wish!)

May I suggest that you try disconnecting the plugs under both the driver and passenger seat. Do this a couple of times on each plug and see if this will solve your problem. Corrosion on the pins will cause this problem.

You didn’t say how old your Accent is. If the vehicle warranty is still in effect you should go to a Hyundai dealer. I suggest you read the airbag warranty. It may differ from the vehicle warranty.

If the airbag warning light is on, you are correct, the SRS system is disabled and the airbags won’t function if you have a crash.

It’s unlikely to be a fuse. A sensor might be bad, but the only way to know is to have the SRS computer scanned. This will require a visit to a Hyundai dealer.

Good luck.