Aftermarket gas mileage product

I saw an ad on a green website ( was intriguing but hard to get references on. I thought it might have some credibility because I hoped Treehugger would have checked out its advertisers. Has anyone ever looked into

It would be great if this product worked, but normally when something seems too good to be true…

Thanks for any info.


Scam. Please people, search the forum before you post these. Otherwise when a member makes their first post with this kind of stuff I immediately think SHILL.

Does anyone else notice that this junk comes in waves?

Its marketing I tell ya - just ignore these posts.

but if they searched the forums, they’d see that about 50 people have already beaten them to the punch on asking this, trying to get the sale before they did.

The product is a scam and obviously ethics doesn’t mean much to most of the so-called environmentally conscious green sites who promote this snake oil; or any one of hundreds of other brands of snake oil.
Treehugger is not the only one who attempts to foist this garbage off on the public.

Notice most of these scams revolve around multi-level marketing anyway; a la Amway.

I hoped Treehugger would have checked out its advertisers.

Well if they allowed this one to get through you can bet they are not doing any checking or just don’t care. This is is 100% SCAM unless you are into breaking the basic laws of physics.

No website, magazine, television station or newspaper checks out their advertisers as long as the adverts are paid for.

This product is a worthless scam.