85 MPG, 121+MPG? Yeah, right!

Does anybody have any input on the info contained on this web site:


Sounds like a “con” of some type. If info is true, large auto makers would have snapped it up immediately…I think. Ad was found in U.S. News & World Report, issue 02/18/08, page 37

I read so much junk science on that web site that I just about died laughing.

FOR F***S SAKE!!! This is the third of fourth f***ing question about this f***ing scam. DO A F***ING SEARCH!!

By the way, you’re right. It is a con. If it was as good as they said it was, all the manufacturers would be using it.

This scam is one of several that is being beaten to death lately on this site. Unfortunately, these scams will continue due to the huge market of gullible suckers out there who are more than willing to be scammed.

No magazine can test all the products they advertise. Just because an ad shows up in U. S. News and World Report is not an endorsement of a product’s capabilities. The advertiser would like you to believe that is validation, of course.

Now here’s a gas mileage improving gadget that actually lives up to its claims. :wink:

Man! I gotta have one of those high tech devices. Are you a distributor for them? Are quantities limited? If I put an order in today, can I get it by next Christmas? Are they available in colors other than the ecru shown under the gas pedal? I can’t wait to start saving fuel!! Please hurry!

Yeah, I want the address and phone number of that company. oh wait, they don’t put it on their website… D:

Well, I got a good chuckle out of that one!
Anniversary’s next week so now I know what to get the better half. :slight_smile: