After Market Sunroof?

I am looking to buy a used mercury milan, problem is that the car i want doesn’t have a sunroof. I have previously had after-market sunroofs installed in other cars on my own, but was wondering if it would be acceptable/reasonable to propose the installation of a sunroof in with the dealer negotiations?

Sure you can try. I have worked at Dealers that had a employee whos job it was to sell aftermarket accessories. The guy was pretty slick he made his money selling this stuff.

You will probably make your main deal then you will mention the sunroof and they will tell you that you must talk to the aftermarket man.His job is to not let you mangle the price established in new car sales so he will resist adjusting the sales price. He will say “what I can do is give it to you at cost” yeah sure bet.

It depends on how bad they want to sell the car. The sales manager can do just about anything he wants. When you get put off tell them the sale depends on this sunroof.

I would really prefer a factoy roof

Sure, you can try. I would rather get a factory sunroof, the Ford Fusion is an (almost) identical twin of the Milan, you should be able to find one without too much trouble.

I suggest you find a car that already has a factory sunroof and buy that instead. Cutting into the roof of a modern car is NOT a good idea, no matter what the installer tells you.

I would not install an aftermarket sunroof under any circumstances. Once you start cutting you live with the consequences.

Agree; go with a factory-installed one. I have yet to see an aftermarket one that operated properly and did not leak!

While I agree that a factory installation is better and that aftermarket installations can be prone to problems, with a used car you have to take what’s available.

I don’t honestly think that a dealer (especially on it’s a used car dealer) will be any better doing this than an established reliable aftermarket place that specializes in this type of work. I’d shop around and ask for references.

My 2000 Impala has a aftermarket sun roof that the dealer had installed by a specialty shop when the car was brand new, and before taking delivery. It is a Hollandia 600 series sunroof, that has not had any problems including water leaks.

I would not try to do a conversion if it were free. Far too much chance of trouble.

Roof leaks happen. Why create problems?

It’s a buyer’s market. You should be able to find a Milan you like with the factory moon roof (sun and sync package). Go to the Mercury web site and search for dealers within 25 to 50 miles of you. Then search their new car inventory. Once you have a dealer or two (or more) in mind, drive over and check the car out.